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    I have been on a complete cleaning frenzy this morning. I didn't plan to, but I started in one room and have ended up cleaning the whole house since 8am this morning! I am still thinking about other things that I could be doing!

    Last night I was battling hunger pangs and a fuzzy head, but got through with some pain killers and water. Today I have not felt hungry at all. I've been full of energy and feeling pretty chipper! :D

    I had my first shake at around 9.30 when I realised that I had been tidying my bedroom. I literally went from collecting washing from the basket to putting it in the machine, making a shake then going crazy! I even had a little dance while hovering with the music blasting! lol

    I'm feeling really positive that I am going to get through these 6 months - better still I'll have a clean and tidy home!

    Does anyone else have energy bursts on cd?
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    Hi Emma,
    I started on Thursday (now on day 3) and found I get bursts of energy but also periods of low energy where I feel I might pass out - that said, I've not found the initial couple of days as bad as I thought I was going to. Sneaked on to the scales this morning and I'm 4.5 pound down so far, so that's a great feeling after only 2 days.
    Not sure what branch of SS you're doing, but I've found if you start feeling really icky (breaking point bad) then have a glass of skimmed milk or an extra shake.
    Good luck for the rest of week one!
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    Today so far (it's just after midday) I have:

    done washing and and put it on the airer
    made slow roasted tomatoes with rosemary
    made a triple batch of granola
    prepared the ingredients for granola bars
    swept the kitchen floor about 3 times (thanks to the granola)
    washed up twice

    so I'm all over the bursts of energy lol

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