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Day 2!!

Hiya penguin, well done on getting to day two! you've already done fantastic, well im officially on day one after totally naffing up last week,
ive done this diet before well im on ultaslim exactly the same as slim fast but alot cheaper, and i lost 7lbs, in about a month,
have't got many tips but drink plenty of water make sure you have your snacks. and dont under eat like i did, beleive me it only leads to dissapointment.
looking forward to following you on your journey, when's your weigh in xx kim xx
Weigh in is on Wednesday! Hoping to have done well but do wonder if I have managed to mess it up like I normally do! Think thats just me being down on myself and secretly hoping to have some good news to share very soon!
aww penguin dont be so hard on yourself, ;)im sure your going to do fantastic. unlike me who has again! started officially today.
but that said im confident that this is the start of something pretty good. brand new treadmill, box of shakes - snacks and already had 3 pints of water and so far so good.
my new weigh in day will be monday obviously do you weigh in this wednesday, looking forward to seeing your results !!
awww Gem:hug99:
Well im no better ive failed hundreds of times, i think its because im usually just on faddy type diets.
everything from soup diets, fruit diets, salad diets, this weird syrup diet
but slimfast/ultra slim has worked for me before and i don't see why in cant do again,
keep going we can do this !!! xx
Hi girls, well we're all human and we're all going to find it hard to resist temptation at some point, just as long as we wipe the slate clean the next day and move on, there's no harm done :D

Penguin, my WI is Wednesday too, hope you do really well this week! :greenapple: Like Kim (10st said) just keep drinking the water, it really does help fill you up!

Have you run a marathon yet Kim?! :p
Gemma - don't be hard on yourself, you can do it :cross:
This diet is defo working for me, and the hunger in the second week was hardly there compared to the first, so stick with it!! :)
lol i wish, im sure i will have done by this time next year lol
ive not been so bad with the hunger, my main thing with my weight, is not such much being hungary all the time, but portion control i usually gave myself same amount as what other half had, and even though im full i will still clear the plate, and this goes for breakfast dinner and tea so now im having less than half of what he has maybe even less that that. and his portions have been cut down too, hes not a very happy bunny lol, he'll thank me some day :)
Portion control is the best way :eating:
That way you still feel like you're not on a diet as you're eating the same foods, just less of it. I weigh everything now so I can count what I've eaten.

Does your treadmill have an incline function? That's a great way to really up the intensity without having to run!:bolt:
woahhhh hold you horse's .. not ready for inclines yet lol
but yeah it does have an incline but its manual so ill have to adjust it myself, so maybe when i get a bit fitter ill set it to mountain lol.
i think ive got better with my portion control but last night i felt seriously hungary, i dont know why as last week i could barley eat, hmmm, think my bodys finally lost the plot lol
LOL sorry, didn't mean to scare you with the incline thing!!! Stick to the flat for now, you're doing great anyway by the sounds of it :happy036:
Penquin - so sorry I keep calling you Penguin, when it's actually Penquin, my apologies!! :banghead:
oops lol i thought it was penguin to, must pay more attention. whats everyone's real name, unless they are your real names!
be weird if my name was actually 10stoneplease,
gahhh im having a funny half hour lol.
That one was taken! I was aiming for that one! well I'm Kerry if your prefer that ;)

Not had a great day here! I started well and stuck to my shakes and snacks and then Hubby and his friend ordered a takeaway.... so I thought I would have a chicken kebab with salad and no mayo! however managed to polish off the chips and a large cookie to boot! oh well tomorrow is a new day and all that!!
Hiiiiii Kerry :banana dancer: (lol dont know why ive used the banana lady, just think its dead funny lol,)
well i wouldn't worry about it, i had half rice half chips & currys sauce for tea but ive done dead well all day, ahhhh well. as you say tomorrows a new day, going shopping tomoz anyway so i can stock up in the healthy section...
Hi Kim! New day!!!
I weighed myself on the wii and the last time I was on it was 21 days ago and Ive lost 3lb!! Now I can go back to weekly weighs ins and have more of an idea how much I have actually lost!
Happy its 3lb in the right direction and thats after a 10 day holiday camping with my extended family!
Yayyy well done Penquin!! 3lb closer to your goal! How are you getting on with the plan? :D
I find it helps me to drink water out of 500ml bottles, then I cross off on a pad every time I drink one during the day - that way I know exactly how much I've had :)
well done kerry what a great loss
your doing so well!
yes drink your water!:whip:
very very important.
i have a 2.5 litre old volvic bottle which i fill up twice a day. i keep going back to it all day, and when ive drank it all i know ive had all my water... simples!

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