Hi Everyone.
Day 2 for me now. I was at work for 7am and finished at 2pm and I must say I never felt as hungry as I expected to.
Had half a Vanilla shake in cup of coffee at breakfast and the other half at tea break (11am) I then had my soup when I got home (2.30pm). I am now on my 4th litre of water.
I do feel cold at the moment and slightly hungry (I don't know if that is because I keep thinking about food). So am going to put the heating on and have a mug of hot water and see if that helps.
This sight is so great for helping me stay on track so thank you to everyone.
Kitty xxx:)
You are doing really great on the water!!
Well done Kitty

Well done Kitty, its day 2 for me i've drunk 4litres now. Dont think i can manage any more though. How about you, how much did you have yesterday and how much more do you think you'll have today. I guess once you get 2 the recommended ammount you just stop when you want.
Glade all is going well
Wow... 4 litres already... wish I could drink the water so easily!

My mind became obsessive about food when I began the diet... I could not think about anything else!! lol... u'll be pleased to hear that as time goes on it does ease a little! :)

Though obviously there is still the odd day where things are tougher!

Good luck Kitty!!
Hi Laurie,
I will have another litre today making 5. I had 5 yesterday as well but drunk them later and then was up 3 times in the night so I won't drink much to late.
Good luck with the rest of the day.
Kitty xxx
Hi Sparkle,
Your doing so well too. I am really proud of you.
You being on it with me helps so much.
Love Mum xxxx
Well done, 4 to 5 ltrs is a fab amount to drink, thats what I stick to, the toilet running does ease as your body get used to it, the only other advise I have is dont drink a lot late, it can get uncomfortable in bed if you do.

Fantastic Start, well done x