Day 2....


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Well Day 2 today and am very excited about it. Now i have told most people i have finished with CD and they have been so supportive i am feeling much better about my decision.
Am going to make a butternut squash soup today out of the cook book, i bought it yesterday cos i thought it would keep me busy cooking up yummy things to eat. Shall let you know how the soup turns out.

Oh yes stepped on the scales this morning ( I know i know i shouldn't but i just needed to know if i had gained anything, i am so paranoid,lol) Anyway pleased to say i have gone down 3 lbs, is this possible? Not sure if i will be able to stay with this loss but we shall wait and see. The way i figure is that surely i shall gain now i have started eating again, what do you think?

Love to you all, have a good day.

Busy XX