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Day 3 - 2nd back

Hey everyone
I have never posted in here but need some support!
Feel terrible have a busy job so not a problem at work, it's when I go home so tired and hungry but 4 some reason can't sleep :(
Last time I did it I cheated quite a bit but still lost 1 stone overall in 1 month
I have 4 weeks to my birthday and would Like to loose 20 pounds which I know I can do but I'm actually starving.
I think I go into the ketosis on the second day do u think thats possible I have the bad taste in my mouth!
I also have a little bit of milk in 2 cups of tea can that take you out?
Also my CD says no coke zero does anyone know if it affects ketosis?

4 weeks seems like a life time :(
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Hi Honeybee,

know how you feel! I'm hoping to drop 1 1/2 before xmas and I just started last week, I get weighed again tomorrow but I'm really nervous and impatient!

The first few days are the hardest for most people so dont give up hope yet! I don't think the milk will take you out of ketosis as I am in it and I have a glass of milk a day.

If you're unsure and want to check it get yourself some ketosticks from the chemist (about Β£5 for 50) and they can tell you.

Not 100% sure on coke zero but alot of fizzy drinks including diet coke don't use suralose, so the sweetners used in them can affect you're weight loss, and they're not very good for you either.
The only ones I have found which use sucralose are the cheap colas and lemonades in co-op, so maybe those would be better if you really need the fizzy drink.

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