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Day 3 coming up!!

:wave_cry: PLEASE somebody tell me it gets better from day-3!!
Started LT yesterday and whilst I keep telling myself its gonna be worth it in the end, I'm afraid that this is gonna get a bit too much for me, dizzyness, shakes (and not the drinking type!! lol) raging headaches and now I have the pleasure of nausea kicking in!! - Oh the joys!!!

I'm gonna drown my sorrows in yet ANOTHER pint of bloody water and get a hot bath filled with every mood-lifting essential oil I can get my hands on....:cry:

Well done to everybody out there who's stuck it out x
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Awww early night hun and it honestly gets much easier xx


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May not seem like it to you but it really will. next week you will be wondering what the fuss was about xxx


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Hi keeno

I know how you feel dear!

I am on day 6 and when i started to go into Ketosis i nearly came off LT as i felt like you, sick, raging headache!! and just like i were dying, everyone on here were great and told me to stick with it it does get better, and thanks to them i sure do!!

Well done on your day 3 your nearly through the worst hun!! x
Hi all, poor Keeno, I feel your pain, believe me. I'm exactly the same. If things don't get better in the next 2 days, its adios for me, because I really can't take much more of this:wave_cry:
Come on we have all been there its just a couple of days thats all. dont jack in you'd be stupid to do that.
Please crack on you will not regret it....Good luck!:)


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Garry is right dont quit now it is well known that the first few days are hard! Its to be expected to be honest if you think about it. Stick with it xx
Fattothin...did you honestly feel totally crap in the beginning???? And does it honestly get better????? Please say yes!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yes!!!!!! x


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Stick with it DO NOT give up, you'll be kicking yourself if you do!!!
Ah Tracy thanks..I know I am just feeling sorry for myself:cry:...I would be sooooo annoyed with myself if I gave up now, just I can't see the woods for the trees at the min.
Thanks Lady lipo, and glad to hear you are feeling better xx


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I know what you mean but honestly you will feel great next week, just glug some more water and maybe an early night xxxx
Ta Tracy, and just to let you know I had my chocolate shake hot tonight on your recommendation and it was really nice and much more filling for some strange reason.

Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
hey.... I starting day 3 tomorrow aswell, so we can feel miserable together, but keep in at it im on a restart and i know it is tough to get though this barrier of the 1st week, it feels like torture but it is well worth it and you can do it x
Thanks pink...thats the toughest thing I think, the idea that it won't get any better. I know everyone says it does but I suppose until I do, I won't believe it!!!!!!
A little saving grace at the moment for you is you can go to bed and sleep the poo feeling, ive felt crap weve all felt crap be weve all soldiered on you can do this....'just a small part of your life', small!
Thanks fattothin...are you an army man by any chance!!!!!!!!!!
I would after kill you if I told you x...................No!

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