Day 3: Everything's gone downhill!!!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Little Miss Living, 5 October 2008 Social URL.

  1. Little Miss Living

    Little Miss Living Full Member

    I'm only on my third day and everything was perfect until an hour and a half ago!!!! All of a sudden i've a headache, extremely tired, kinda achy :cry:
    I'm sure it's down to dehydration since it's the same kinda headache as i get after a heavy night out!!! I had already drunk the minimum recommended 2 litres by the time i felt unwell obv i must need more water throughout the day than some!!!!
    I've now had just over 3 litres still don't feel great but i'm def gonna stick with it, it'd take alot more to make me stop my hopes of releasing the slim me:party0011:
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  3. Angie44

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    aww little miss that sounds about right for day 3 all the ketosis starting up...I think the headaches is about detoxing from the carbs etc...Most of us experience this...headache...brain fog....weakness....go get a nice bath...pamper yourself and an early night it will get better x
  4. BBlilsis

    BBlilsis My 3 Furry Amigos

    Hi littlemissliving, your staying strong so thats the main thing to focus on, drink more water, have a bath, do something to distract yourself, heck have an early night if you must. Once you get past this lumpy bit, it'll be downwards on the scales for ya...stay strong :gen126:
  5. Little Miss Living

    Little Miss Living Full Member

    awww thanks, feeling better already :) mood-wise anyway at least!!!
    Unfortunately only have a shower sob would love a bath but i think an early night will have to do! If only i can get my 4 yr old son to sit down lol he was at a party today, the sugar has him wired lol hopefully he'll crash soon and tommorrow i'll feel better :/
    If not then i'll be downing 6 litres lol thanks for the support xxxxxxxxxx much appreciated!!!
  6. Scary_Cat_Lady

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    i had an horrendous headache on day 2, but I wasn't achy or anything - I just put it down to not having any coffee that morning :coffee:... but i felt really rotten yesterday (day 5) I was supposed to be meeting Medea for a nice evening out but i felt 'hangovery' all day :sick: - it didn't even go away when i went to bed with my hot water bottle... woke up shiny and sunny this morning though :character00238: - bring on the weigh-in :D
  7. Little Miss Living

    Little Miss Living Full Member

    My head still feels a bit fuzzy and i'm not as sprightly as usual!!! Went to bed early 9pm lol but got up this morning feeling ssssooooooo much better!! Hopefully by tommorrow i should be back on form woohoo:bliss::bliss::bliss:

    Day 4 nearly over: bring on my first wi:scale:
  8. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum Full Member

    Hi miss,you'll be grand the first week is generally torture, just try 2 stick with it. I went to meadows and byrne local posh shop and got myself a really kick-ass mug for my vanilla shake and cofee and a wine glass for my water that makes me look like 50 cents pimp friend and had a bath with a hot peppermint tea mixed with choc shake.Treat yourself like a baby tonight and wrap up and snuggle a quilt and watch a good flick you'll feel better on day 7!!!!michellex
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