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DAY 3!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yuck!!!! I feel awful!!!!!!!!! On the good side the awful taste has gone from my mouth on the bad side i feel awful :-(

My head aches and i am dizzy.... and i want a sandwich so much i want to cry...even a quarter would be great...chicken...cheese...pork...whatever...i would even settle for a dry cracker!!!

My poor hubby feels much worse than me his back hurts and his legs we went out and put 3 hours on the car and came back in 1 even though the weather was the best it has been in weeks!!!!!! which is just not like us!!!!!!!! Andy even had trouble driving the car because his legs hurt so much....is this right??? He says if he had known it was going to be this bad he never would of started...he is not someone who is ill often so this has been quite scary for me(married13...illl just 3 times and ended up in hospital each time!!).


Ok ok i think i am over reacting we have been on the scales and it says we have lost pounds each so far... but must admit if it stays this bad even that is not worth it....help i need some inspiration!!!!
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Hey I know how you feel Im on day 3 too and I just feel weak even though Im in ketosis, Staying home for a couple of days until I have the energy lol.
You have your own inspiration ... your children!!
That is what I am saying I want to be healthier to be able to run and play with my children and to be around for them, but being the size I am I knew I wouldnt be able to, so here I am day 3 on cd SS and luckily not feeling like eating.
Just believe in yourself and dont listen to your chattebox it can get very annoying and scream at you but try not to answer it.
All the very best to you both and well done on getting to day 3.
Dazzler..... You are doign well..... noone says this is easy!!!
I don't know what the psins in the legs are? is it calf pain? if so a doc opinion should be sought because of the risk of DVT is it cramping? I used to have tonds of salt and had some cramps in the early days because I had cut it right out!

As for the food cravings, they are very normal... your brain is trying to get you to eat as it doesn't know whats happening! You have to stay strong.... As for your little ones.. Mine always pick up on stress int he house especially my eldest with Asperger Syndrome she freeks when things change.... Your children will settle when you are feeling less stressed...
Don't give up!!!!!
BOTH of you need to read through the diaries and see what others have said about the difficulties in their first days!
Read back your first post, your desperation speaks volumes.. whenever I doubt my ability to do this, I just think about what my awful life was liek before I started!
Good luck.....

Excuse the 'spelling'... my laptop keyboard is playing up.....


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Thanks !!!

I am calming down a bit already after wrting it down lol lol lol i think i must like attention!!!

Andy has gone to bed because he feels so ill and the pain is in his upper legs and back ....i don't think i would feel so bad if he was not ill...he is my rock and like i said is never ill or down...thats why i am worried also i am due the totm and i usally eat more bread/potato/pasta/rice at this time to stop the yucky feeling as it is always quite bad...this time i can't do that so may have to have a tablet after..are they ok on cd????

I have never whinged or moaned as much in my life as i have in the last 3 days ...i really don't find it an attractive feature!!! So will really try to change!!!

I have 2 boys with aspergers one high functining and one very very severe...they just don't understand and as one has a slight weight problem he is now saying if i don't eat and just drink can i be thin...i don't want to eat either etc... i am trying to make him undrstand but it goes against what we usually tell him such as eat veg, salad, fruit so he is very confused....poor thing!!!!
Hi Marie, my eldest is high functioning AS too, I had to sit her down and have a big chat with her about nutrition and why I am taking this path.... I even had to show her some of the medical evidence on the CD....
I'm sitting here at the moment, my hubby is eating a curry my son eating pasta, both of which i love.... Last week I was having to leave the room and even the house when dinner was served because I just couldn't cope with the cravings.... It really will get easier.... this is the start of a brand new life for you and hubby!!! You are doing FAB!


Please stick to it Dazzler. Today is the worst it gets & you're unlucky that you feelso bad. a lot of people only feel mildly grotty.
Once you're established in ketosis you start to feel really well, full of energy & much less hungry. I'm not making this up--honest.
I hope your husbands legs settle soon. If you're ususally high caffeine users make sure you don't stop it suddenly & you must drink plenty of Caffeine free liquid ie water too. Almost the more the better.
The only down side of the ketosis is feeling cold but as the weather seems set to improve abit over the next few days then even that shouldn'tbe a problem.


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Thanks again!!!!! lol lol

Andy was a big coffee dinker but he can't stomach it without milk and one sugar...do you think that is the problem????

I only drank peach squash so that may be why i don't feel as bad as he does....i really feel guilty because he feels so ill ...it was me that first looked at the diet....just hope it gets better soon.

Andy just got up out of bed and still feels ill...i feel so helpless... i want to cry...


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Coffee could be the problem. When my Mum a big coffee drinker gave up she suffered terrible shakes and pains. Why not get him to drink a coke zero, allowed on CD, but with caffeine in it. It might be better for him to cut down on caffeine gradually rather than go cold turkey.
Also I don't like black coffee, but make up a vanilla shake, pour into ice cube bags and freeze, pop two in when making a drink. Lovely.
Is coke zero allowed??

I have read you can't have coke zero!!! Am i wrong???

Have been told you can have red apple perfectly clear still water or their strawberry and kiwi sparkling water... hope so i have been diluting water 50/50 with red aapple and it is SO much easier to get down ...i was really struggling!!!

Will suggest those to my hubby and see if it makes a difference he is so down...


To infinity and beyond!
S: 23st7lb C: 15st13.5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 7st7.5lb(32.07%)
I think the rule is no citric acid, Coke zero has none, but only 660mls a day (2 cans) Be aware it can give some people cravings and knock sensitive people out of ketosis. Hope hubby is feeling better.


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What about mixing some coffe into a vanilla shake??? I don't drink coffee but maybe this could help...

Caffeine withdrawal can make you feel very yucky
This is what I do with most of my vanilla shakes as I couldn't completely cut out my coffee. Caffeine withdrawal can be awful and as bad as withdrawal from any drug.

I echo what everyone else has said dazzler about just sticking with it a while longer. A lot of people find the first 3/4 days very hard and you can feel cold, moody, tired and weepy.

let us all know how you both get on ok?

Lacey :)
Still hanging in!!!!!!! Day 4

I feel a lot better this morning but the hubby has hardly slept and is still in quite a lot of pain...mainly his back so i have left him in bed


Sounds like you're over the worst. Suspect that poor Hubby needs his caffeine. Hope you can find an accepatble way from the suggestions above. I've also put coffee into the chocolate shakes to make mocha,which is quite nice.
I dont mean to be negative, but if it is caffeine withdrawl then doesn't this suggest how bad the dependence is. And therefore that this diet is absolutely the best thing you can be doing for both your healths.

Also it means that it is only temporary whilst your hubby gets used to it. This gives you even more reason to carry on. Nothings easy, but there are very few people on here who have had a 100% easy ride. However, everyone feels so proud of themselves when they look back and see they have lost such amount of weight, and they've got through the hard times and persisted. The fact is that its worth it, and imagine the thought of never having to diet or think about dieting again, all for a few weeks/couple of months. Weeks fly by, and before we all know it there will be new people starting the diet and needing this same support. We, however, will be slim ladies and gents by then. Health and like greatly improved and likely to live longer to spend with our families. Youve got to keep in mind whats important, and some of us are doing this for our kids too - they dont want fat mummys and daddys.


I fully accept your arguement willow, & in an ideal situation one would want to be free of all these things. My only hesitation is that it's too much all at once to expect a body to go through carb withdrawal & caffeine at the same time. Either alone can be unpleasant enough.

anyway hope Hubby'slegs are better by tomoroow.
Thanks Jane!!!

Thank you so much for the kind words Jane!!!

I don't think some people understand how important my hubby is to me...we both have virtually no family and no friends we are all each other have and with two autistic children and trying to retrain as social workers and teachers at 32 we are under a lot of stress!!!

i know i have been over reacting to him feeling ill but we have been together 15 years and in that time he has only been ill 3 times...each time resulting in hospital admission...he really is not the moaning or exaggerating type so for him to go to bad and cry with pain it is reall worrying and upsetting!!!!!He has started having 2-3 cups of coffee todayand feels a lot better...i am so happy :)

A lot of the worrying was guilt because it was me who found the diet ,did the research etc... so i felt responsible for his pain...hopefully we are over that now and from here it will get better and better thank you everyone for the support and suggestions they were very much apprecciated ... without andy i have nothing!!!! Sad huh??? lol lol


I was reading Dr Howards book today (he that vinvente the diet)& came across a refernce to cramps occuringin the early stages. He suggested having some Slimline tonuic water. It contains quinine which as weelas being used to treat malaria is often used to treat leg cramps,particularly night time ones.
I saw this & I thought of your H.
Gladhe's back on the caffeine,but the tonic may still be useful to hold in reserve.
I'm also v glads that you've both stick to it. I felt pretty grotty for several days & the headaches in the mornings soon after ketosis started were grim,but as soon as your flush of energy comes in you'll be flying. I put the turquoise bit on ther bottom of my signature to tell others how i felt. It just seems a shame to me that I can't go on feeling like that indefinately.
Thanks again Jane!!!

I will keep that in mind thank you for the support...it really helped..i am not normally so down...promise!!! lol lol lol

I think it is just a build up that has had to come out...now i fel lots better...not quite energetic but in control!!!!!!

It's day 6 and i can't wait for weigh in tomorrow!!!!!
its day three for me today too. i feel like crap thank god im off work, i just want to cry and am so snappy...i dont drink tea or coffee so i just dont get it, im hot but cold if that makes sense, even thought im not hungray i fell so crap i hope this gets better before tommorow cause i dont want to give up

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