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Day 3 - in the zone

well done hun! I am on day 2, feeling better today- everyone back at work! (I run my own business so work from home) so no cooking smells of others around lovely! however I did have a tomato soup last night- 1) why the hell is it pink and looks like sick and 2) IT TASTED LIKE CRAP! I'm scared to try the other flavours now! x


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I'm on day one and absolutely terrified to try the soups. I have done CD in the past and could always get away with any flavour shake, so I know I should be ok with Exante shakes. However I was never a lover of the soups, but I bought the bumper pack of Exante for £100 with a bit of everything in so need to have the soups at some point :)

I will probably like the vegetable one, but that's about it I should imagine, I will just have to let them cool a bit, hold my nose and chuck them down my throat haha
Nice one babystar, should be a lot easier now. Hope you get a great loss this week :)

sg - I have the bumper pack and like them all except the tomato soup. The other soups are all much creamier and nicer (much more like normal soup!). I tend to add tabasco or herbs to the tomato soup to make it palatable.
Try the other soups though, as they are much better (although I guess everyone has different tastes - as evident from the which flavour is your favourite poll!)
Thanks cybill hun

Mia....the soups are much nicer than the CD ones. The CD ones i used to physically gag trying to get them down. When i first tried exante last year (and failed lol) i had the soups and they werent unpleasant, im just not a soupy person. The only one i would say was a bit "yuck" is the tomato and basil...the rest, with herbs and spices are quite pleasant.
Ive tried CD soups and found them absolutely repulsive. The Exante ones are much more pleasant, especially with a little salt and pepper added or half a tsp of curry powder to the tomato.

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