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Day 3 - is it ok to keep weighing self


today is the start of day 3 and i have just weighed myself first thing and i appear to have lost 8lb!!!!!!!!!! is that possible in so little time??? I started this on Monday so have had 2 full days and this is day 3... When i got weighed at chemist it was same as scales at home so hopefully it will be roughly correct.

Also, i have bought some Ketostix and i used a couple last night and this morning but they dont seem to be registering that i am in ketosis - how long does it take to get to ketosis? my mouth feels like the bottom of a budgie cage and my breath is vile - according to my OH....

I feel like i could do anything today - bouncing with happiness but yet last night i was ready to kill anyone and i hated everyone. is it normal for me to be mood swinging like this so soon on the LT? :eek:

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Hi Pineda!

It's better to stay off your home scales just incase you give yourself false hope. It is possible to have already lost 8lbs, though - so well done!

Getting into ketosis varies from person to person, but I believe I was in it on day 4 as I was no longer hungry/tired etc. The more water you drink, the less bad the breath problem is! =)

I would say the mood swings are definitely to do with LT but they should soon pass!

Good luck!


I will be skinny again!!!
Yup I cant say much more than what strawberry kisses has added

Throughout your LT journey stick to one set of scales (the chemists)

All scales will vary and will more than likely give you a different reading...

Plus your weight will constantly fluctuate with all your water intake etc etc, to avoid disappointment save your weigh ins for a weekly occurance at the chemists

Best of luck on your journey xxxx

Just finished day 3. I still feel hungry, I am drinking lots of water to try and keep the pangs away and when I weighed myself to try and give myself some motivation I seem to not have lost any weight. I know it's probably because I have weighed myself at night after drinking all the water but can anyone tell me if they have had similar experiances?
Great advice from Strawberry and Chelly.

I would only use the chemist scales and only weigh myself once a week as it is easily to become obsessed with weighing yourself and disappointment can make you lose focus and hope.

I'm in my 3rd week now and don't even know if I'm in ketosis! All I know is I felt pretty rotten the first 5 days - Tiredness, dizzy, bit hungry, very headachey (water helped) and my mood swings were horrific. I could have killed dead people and everyone around me was staying clear as I was so speaking my mind! Then on day 6, it was as if I was a different person, all the bad things disappeared and I was like you said bouncing all over the place and had the energy of a 2 year old! I'm still the same in week 3. I take it that means I'm in ketosis as my mouth is horrible.

I have heard that those ketostix sticks can be unreliable. I personally wouldn't use them as to me they would be just another thing to get obsessed over!

Good luck for the rest of your week and looking forward to your weigh in results. You'll do great!

Just finished day 3. I still feel hungry, I am drinking lots of water to try and keep the pangs away and when I weighed myself to try and give myself some motivation I seem to not have lost any weight. I know it's probably because I have weighed myself at night after drinking all the water but can anyone tell me if they have had similar experiances?
Hi Sci-Fi,

I wouldn't weigh myself at home. Only let the chemist weigh you at the end of your week as scales can vary greatly. You can also become too obsessed with the scales and disappointment can make you lose focus and hope. You know that 'Oh what's the point' feeling, which is not good.

As I said above it is very common place to feel hungry for the first few days then when ketosis kicks in it takes the hungry pangs away. It usually kicks in around day 5, sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

Good luck for the rest of the week and stay away from the scales until your first weigh in! It'll be a lovely surprise :)
Thanks BetsyBotox,

I will not weigh myself anymore. My weigh in is next monday so fingers crossed I will start to feel better soon and see some results. Well done on your weight loss results for your first two weeks.
thanks to everyone - i am feeling a better this morning - feel quite light headed a bit like being drunk (on water!!!!!!!!!!!) im trying to drink as much as possible but boy am i going the loo loads. hahaha had to get up during the night to pee hahaha

i cant wait for Monday - Sci-Fi you will have done brill - you seem to be at the same point as me so just hang in there and we will make it...

wont it be worth it when we jumping for joy
Ketosis happens within the first week usually.

It is completly possible to loose 8lb in the first week, I admit to being serial weigher however it is advised not to use them as they can be inaccurate.

Mood swings.... Oh boy. My mood is awful. My OH has had the brunt of my moods. Probably due to the shock of the diet on your body.

Try peppermint tea for fresh breath. Not like eating, but Ive found its the best thing to do other than brushing your teeth every half hour.

Hope that helps :)
Hi Pineda, I can relate to what you are saying, I think it will be hard to not "weigh in" at home to see how you are doing but I'm worried I'll be disapointed and come off the diet, I think it's better to wait until you're at the chemist. Good luck on your first week.
I'm soooooooooo moody!!

I've heard that it's because our bodies get carb/sugar withdrawls and this can cause a whole host of nasties such as headaches and mood swings etc. I think today I'm going to try keeping out of people's way as I will probably end up being a total witch!!
Thanks Pineda,

It is so great to get so much support here. I know it will get easier but sometimes it just feels so hard. I am not in work at the moment so I also have lots of time on my hands. Will be back the 29th of August so will be more distracted then but hopefully I will be nicely in the swing of things by then. I will let ye know how the weigh in goes on Monday.
It's not really advisable though lots of us weigh in between official weigh ins. I do it, but take it with a pinch of salt. Mine are within a pound or two of official ones and, as am away from home all week i like the surprise of seeing if it's likely to be a bigger or smaller loss.

Anyway, don't panic about what other scales say - the official weigh ins are the most important (and exciting!!)

Best of luck on your LT journey, i hope you thrive :)
I go to the Chemist at varying times of day each week wearing different clothes so take little interest in the 'official' weigh in.

I weigh myself daily at roughly the same time every day wearing no clothes on my digital scales. Some days my weight stays the same (to a tenth of a pound) but most days it has lowered slightly building up to about 4lb per week at the moment. This works for me and gives me a daily incentive/reminder. I don't mind if my weight stays the same because I know it will be lower the next day

What's 'right for one person may be 'wrong' for another, just do what works for you! And good luck on your 'journey. ;)
thanks ricisme and everyone who has commented.

My scales are also digital and they weighed the same as the chemist did so i think i will continue to weigh myself and I am keeping it in mind that if mine say i am losing then i will have a loss on the chemist ones even if it isnt exactly the same - at least im going in the right direction. Weighed myself this morning and since i started on Monday i have lost 10 lb so im happy and its kicked me into another positive day, if and when i start to stay the same i will just stop weighing every day..... but i am buzzing at the moment. I know ive a long way to go but hey hoooo onwards and downwards (scales) xx

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