Day 3 - it's getting better, but still no ketosis


Day 3
Used one of my ketostix this morning and I am not in ketosis yet. Don't really feel too hungry. How long does it take for the glycogen stores to be used up?

My scales say a 3lb loss since Monday morning, so all is good. 78 days to go before I go on my hols and I hope to lose 2stone 4lbs still :jelous:

The time does drag in the evening, and my flat is immaculate so no spring cleaning to occupy me. Bedtime last night was 9.30 :rolleyes: - its like being 9 years old again! :D
lol :D Its good to get our beauty sleep!

My friend is on day 5 and isnt into ketosis yet but I was starting to go into ketosis on day 2 so I suppose its different for everyone!
Its easier from now on too, I am on day 6 and its fine! I get peckish when I see food but I am not really hungry now.
Would my CDC give me the materials to test if i am in ketosis?? as im hearing alot about it on this forum

im also on day 3 and feeling it today a little tired

for Garcia 24

You need to purchase the ketostix from your CD counsellor. She was very kind, did not charge me for my stix as she had taken a few out.

I'll test again on friday morning - fingers crossed I am in Ketosis!