Day 3 - Restart

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  1. Donkeyradish

    Donkeyradish Member

    Hi All,

    This is my second time doing Cambridge 100%, sucessfully lost almost 7 stone, but unfortunately put most of it back on due to an ankle operation and general laziness/denial/piggyness!

    I'm currently on day 3 SSing, and so far so good. No cheats, and not feeling too bad bar a bit of boz eyedness. Finding it fairly difficult to concentrate, so if this is incoherent and rambly you have my apologies.

    I'm hoping to lose a little bit more this time and finally get down to my target weight. I have a long ol' journey ahead!

    Just wanted to say hey, as you'll probably start seeing me an awful lot - MiniMins was my absolute saviour and kept me on track last time due to all the wonderful supportive people.

    Good Luck with your journeys everyone! I'll keep you updated, I'm already super excited for my first weigh in next Monday. x
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  3. Donkeyradish

    Donkeyradish Member

    So, all had gone very well this week!
    No slip ups, or cheats - so I'm feeling really positive for my weigh in tonight.
    I'll keep you updated, I need a good result tonight to keep me on track and feeling positive about my future!

    Can't wait to start looking at summer clothes I might actually be able to fit in and wear this year!
  4. Donkeyradish

    Donkeyradish Member

    Update: first weigh in and I lost 14lbs!!! Sooo happy!
  5. Well done! X

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