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Keep strong and youl reap the rewards!! The first 3 days are the hardest, then it gets so much easier!! I can't believe how at day 19 I'm not hungry at all, its great!
Your doing so well!
C xx
Hey Vickiabd,

Well done on the first few days which I always find difficult. I find days 4, and 5 hardest though i think.

Do use this site, it's the only thing that kept me going when I may have cheated! Everyone is really great on here.

I look forward to congratulating you on your losses!

Keep up the good work!
Thanks guys..wow claudine ur losses are amazing..am so motivated right now.
Thanks Mrs Z's.
Hi Vicki!

Sounds like you're doing a great job! .. and asking for support and encouragement is a great sign - shows that you're not afraid of recognising how helpful support can be - and you have the confidence to ask... that bodes very well for making this work out well!

For me, the thing that has made this work when all else failed, was I'm feeling more able to be honest with myself about what I struggle with.. and more prepared to ask for help.. more prepared to acknowledge that it takes time to change, and more prepared to take little steps, instead of wanting it to happen all at once.. all the time I was wanting that, nothing was changing! Now I'm taking things one day/hour/minute at a time, it's working! :D which is fab! ..and it sounds like things are going to work out for you too!

I was expecting day three to be the hardest.. my CDC said that was likely.. but actually, for me, I think the second day was worst.. and by the end of week one, I was well into it, and it stopped feeling like such a challenge.. ..and you always have here, if it feels tricky :)

All the best - and keep posting.. I'm looking forward to seeing things progress for you!


(Great name, by the way, Vicki ;) x)