Day 3!


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Day 3 today and I am not very well but feel good knowing I am on my way to the new me. I fainted yesterday and banged my head so still a bit delicate today and got a headache but at least it is not LT related lol I am so grateful to my lovely husband who looked after me last night and looked after the kids and made their dinner so I could rest. I am so lucky to have you and you are doing so well on LT. You never even moan once, not like me lol.

How is everyone else doing today?
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Oh dear poor ole you - hope you are ok :D It must be nice to have hubbie on LT too - must make life a whole lot easier. :D
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Hey, Im on day 3 too! :) Feeling grand, in ketosis.

Hope your head is ok!! Fainting sounds like scary business!!! xoxoxox

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Sorry to hear you fainted yesterday. Hope you feel better today. What a wonderful hubby you have. Did you both start the same time?


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Thank you all. This my second time on LT as I had a break over Christmas but it is definately easier having hubby doing it with me. I have had problems with fainting for most of my life but I am starting some tablets which should hopefully help. I am sitting next to my son right now who is eating chocolate and for the first time in ages I am not even tempted. I used to be a real chocoholic so that is a real breakthrough.


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hey babe, so proud of u carrying on with LT even though u dont feel well. It was only the one meal not like all the ones u prepare. love u and keep it up xxxxxxxx


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Hi so sorry to hear you fainted just take it easy you sound like you got good support at home. Take care


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ah.. YIKES!!!

Hope you are ok mrs and not suffering from concusion (SP?) or anything! xxxx