Day 3!

Hi everyone, sorry I wasn't about yesterday, my nan is really ill in hospital. On a more positive note i'm on day three and the hunger pangs seemed to have stopped. I keep getting headaches like my brain is shrinking in my head though!
I was back at work tonight as well, which I thought was a challenge but it went alright. I only work with one collegue who is a 40 year old man set in his ways and very 'blokey' (but lush, I love him to bits) and he keeps offering me cups of tea, and bits of food! I don't really want to have to explain i'm on the cambridge diet, as he wouldn't really understand bless him. Any ideas for excuses?
Would you believe that inbetween posting the last message and this one i've had a phonecall telling me my nan has died. It's really bizarre, it's only three weeks since she was here visiting for xmas and was pretty much fine, she's only been in hospital since sturday, it's very sudden and I think i'm still in shock!
Am going to keep up the sole source though, no matter how much I feel like turning to chocolate and bread to cheer me up a bit, she was so chuffed when I finally decided to join my mum on it.
Weirdly twenty minutes ago I got a phonecall from the tutor of the pgce course i've been trying to get on for four years, telling me she couldn't tell me the result of my interview this year yet as it would breach the applicant equality rules but she could confirm I hadn't been rejected...
I was so excited but then couldn't tell anyone as the next time I spoke to my mum and my aunt they were ringing me to tell me about my nan and it didn't seem appropriate...
wow. bizarre.
Also, DQ thanks for the tip, it's excellent and will bear it in mind, Arthur is ace but would just laugh at the idea of my trying to exist of water and shakes!!!
Thanks, i'm a bit everywhere, so i'm gonna stay on here for a bit so i don't think about it too much, it was very sudden, and nobody seems to know what happened yet still, I mean she was quite old, and not particularly healthy, but three weeks ago she certainly didn't seem that ill, no worse than she has been for 18 months or so. I'm sure it will sink in in a bit, but it hasn't yet I don't think.
I've lost both my grandmothers but they both lived abroad so didn't see them. Must be so hard for you, but at least you spent some time with her at Christmas.