Snide Digs & Transformations


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Hi everybody... anybody....

My partner of 3 years walked out on me last month; I wasn't expecting it! I was devastated. I came home from work one Friday expecting to get ready and go to a friend's birthday party with him and he had packed his bags and gone.
I tried to call him, it went straight to voice mail. I got a text at 10pm saying, 'Need time to think, I aren't happy with us anymore.'
I thought our relationship was pretty good, well until the last few months and he had started having snide digs about my weight.
'Do you really need that biscuit?' 'Aren't you worried about a heart attack?' 'I don't find fat women sexy.' The last one was certainly a new one on me as I am actually two stone lighter than when we first met (still 4 stone overweight now) and it never bothered him then.
After 3 weeks of crying and not sleeping, sending him texts with no response, him ignoring my phone calls (his Facebook messenger is permanently lit up) I realise I deserve better than this.
I have deleted his mobile number so I am not tempted to contact him and now I will focus on myself.
That is where this weightloss diary comes in. My main goal is to lose the excess 4 stone so I can feel good about myself; feel fit, strong and sexy again. I am hoping journaling the process will help keep me on track.

So today I weigh in at 15st 7 and have a goal of 11st 7, sometime soon... well in the next six months anyway.

I will calorie count 1500 calories a day, exercise a bit (I aren't a fan) and weigh in weekly!!

A few things about me: mum of two gorgeous kids. I love wine, chocolate and TV crime dramas. I don't like cruelty, driving on the motorway and being ghosted by a useless man.

Let the transformation begin.....

Thanks for reading Cloudy
I like a glass of wine in the evening, I have just put wine into my calorie counter and have discovered it is approx 200 cals per glass (I like a big glass.)
So if I want to continue with a glass of wine per evening, I will have to incorporate those calories into my counting... so just 1300 cals on food every day or 1500 calories on food and no wine.
I can do this!!!
hi and welcome to you @CloudBursting the forum here is fairly quiet these days, but the regular posters are a really lovely supportive bunch and we'll try and help you along. We're all doing different plans so good luck with yours.

I went through a fairly horrible breakup myself in recent years so I can empathise with the pain you've been dealing with :( There's definitely light at the end of the tunnel though so I urge you onwards to do WHATEVER YOU WANT now with your future.

I don't for a second believe he had any issues with your weight, he was just making excuses in his head to justify his plans to leave in such a discompassionate manner. However even if he did, so what? We all deserve to be treated with respect regardless of our size. We are all worthy of love regardless of our size.

So by all means, find your path to better health for your future, but don't do it because he made you feel bad. Do it only for you.

Better days are coming x
You shouldn't lose weight to 'show a man' you are worthy or sexy, because you ARE worthy and you ARE sexy ❤
But if you are worried about your health, then go for it. I hope you achieve everything you want. I know exactly how you feel, my partner of 7yrs up and walked out and left behind 3 kids that he hasn't seen in 3yrs. It's heartbreaking and soul crushing, but trust me, you are so much better off. Anyone who can do that to someone is an arsehole and not worth your time.