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  1. danders

    danders Full Member

    So I'm on day 39 and probably need some support from hereon in. I've lost 21 lbs so far and have another 2 stone 4 lbs to go.

    I've settled into a routine of shakes rather than any of the other products. Most days I am absolutely fine except for pmt weeks and the odd Saturday night when I'm just desperate for an Indian takeaway.

    I'm planning to continue for 6 more weeks then go up the steps slowly until I find my 'level'!!! I'm also studying at the moment and missing biscuit breaks. I've an exam in May so after that I can relax a bit and be more active.

    Thanks for reading.
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  3. danders

    danders Full Member

    Day 40

    Saw the 11s on the scales this morning! Well chuffed. So in 5.5 weeks I've seen the 13s, 12s and now the 11s!!!!

    Long may it continue.

    Had my toffee and walnut shake this morning which is my favourite.

    Last night was tough. I don't understand why I'm still hungry. Brother-in-law came round to have a takeaway, but I sent husband and him out to eat instead!!!!
  4. danders

    danders Full Member

    Day 40 continued. Another 100% day. Still feel very tired though but maybe I'm just lazy!!!

    Tried a pair of lovely summer cropped trousers on which I bought last year but haven't worn yet. I can get them on and zipped up but I reckon another 7lbs off would make them fit just right.

    - toffee and walnut
    - strawberry
    - chocolate

    Hope everyone else has had a good day.
  5. danders

    danders Full Member

    Day 41. The scales have jumped back up to 12.0 and a quarter this morning. Grrrr!!!!!

    I have woken up very tired and grumpy and considering whether I need to move up to step 2. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. danders

    danders Full Member

    Well that's day 41 done. Was very tempted to boil some eggs but managed to resist.

    Weigh-in tomorrow. Judging from my home scales I'm expecting 2lb loss.
  7. danders

    danders Full Member

    Day 42. My scales showed 11.13 this morning. But I don't get weighed until this evening so the consultants scales will show a heavier result. Will try to stop drinking at 2 pm in preparation!!!!
  8. danders

    danders Full Member

    Gosh sticking to it is really paying off. Lost 4lbs tonight so that's 25 lbs in 6 weeks.
  9. danders

    danders Full Member

    Day 43. Did a bit of internet research last night about ketosis and lethargy.

    One thing which came up as a possibility is a lack of potassium. As I'm solely on shakes this could be it. So I'm going to try a soup at lunch today with a teeny bit of sea salt to see if that helps.
  10. danders

    danders Full Member

    Feel a lot better today so a bit of salt might have worked.

    Tomorrow is another day. I can't believe I'm in week 7.
  11. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    Well done danders, you're doing fabby!! Good luck for this week xx
  12. danders

    danders Full Member

    Thanks Amanda x
  13. danders

    danders Full Member

    Day 44 and still going strong. Haven't drank nearly enough water today so will have to pick up the pace. Otherwise all good. 3 shakes done and itching to eat something of a chocolate or biscuit variety. Bit it's sheer greed. Not long now hopefully until I can go up a stage.

    Oh, almost forgot, I had my first "you're looking really thin" comment today! Yeeha
  14. danders

    danders Full Member

    So where am I now??? Day 45. Wow, I honestly can't believe it. Had a good day. Very busy and had some coke zero to get me through the afternoon lull.

    Saturdays and Sundays are awful for me though. I feel like I should be eating something nice. I'll try my best!
  15. danders

    danders Full Member

    Day 46 diet wise has been good. Not hungry today. Been diagnosed with UTI though so feeling a bit rubbish.
  16. danders

    danders Full Member

    Another 100% day. Finding it easier now that I'm adding a bit of psyllium husk to each shake.
  17. Selphie

    Selphie Full Member

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    Well done. You're doing really great. Very inspiring!
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  19. danders

    danders Full Member

    Thank you Anna. Your supportive words mean a lot.
  20. danders

    danders Full Member

    Right I'm back on it. After a course of antibiotics knocked me off course I've restarted. Got a new consultant who is fabulous and am on 4 shakes per day rather than 3. This seems to suit me better.

    Weigh in is on Thursday but total loss so far is 26lbs.
  21. Babikins

    Babikins Member

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    Hi Danders! So glad you have found a plan that works for you!

    I was considering doing 4 shakes myself, but think I would prefer the small evening meal, so will be asking my CDC about it when I go to weigh in this afternoon.

    You've done really well to get this far, be sure to keep us updated!! xx
  22. danders

    danders Full Member

    Thanks Babikins. I did try adding a meal instead but found that I didn't feel satisfied with it and it opened up the floodgates to me nibbling. Also, as I was the only one in the house eating the spinich, cauliflower etc it was going off and food was getting wasted.

    I still have a lot of good demons to face, so I am quite happy to plod along for the moment.
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