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Day 4.....a tough one!!!

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:sigh:Arggghhhh, Ive found today really hard:sigh:

Ive been to my Mum and Dads for a BBQ, all the family were there, everyone was eatting and drinking.........I stuck to my shakes but found it REALLY hard, I have found myself questioning if I can really do this:confused::confused:

I am pleased with myself for not having anything other than what I am allowed........but I am in a terrible mood now, I know come tomorrow I will be so proud of myself for not giving in.....but I feel like pooh now:(

I keep reading the 'high' you get when you go into Ketosis and my friends who have done LT tell me the same......but how will I know when I am in it??:confused:

Sorry for sounding off, but I really needed to do so to people who can relate to how I feel.......
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Hey hun,

don't apologise for sounding off- it's totally natural to need a rant when you're on the first couple of weeks of LT.

I seem to remember days 4 and 9 were my worst- food seemed to be EVERYWHERE I went and it was just miserable.

All I can say that will make any difference is that it DOES get better...it really does. Just think that you're only a few days off your first WI and I PROMISE that when you get to that you will be on cloud nine and feel so good that it will motivate you.

As time passes you will find that you enjoy resisting temptation and feel happy and strong. It DEFINITELY gets better...but for some people that's day 3 and for others it takes a week or more.

I think that if you can get through the first week you can get through anything.

Have a nice warm bath, light some candles, watch a girly film and if necessary have an early night. I was at the point in my first week where I just wanted to go to bed to avoid food!!

Believe me when I say you can do it...and believe me when I say it gets easier.

Chin up hun- you'll get through it

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well done you have done so well to get through today, just think how much stronger you will feel in the morning for it x
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well done for not breaking LT it is hard but the rewards are fab just keep focused on your goal just get to your first weight in and it will all be worth it believe me hang on in there .
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Well done for getting through the BBQ. Just think to your self how good you'll feel when your at goal. That's what's getting me through. We have a big family meal every Sunday. Today was a BBQ with loads of food followed by 2 different deserts. One chocolate and the other a cheesecake. I just kept drinking water through dinner and focusing on the fact that by the time I reach goal I can start sharing my sister-in-laws clothes.
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I just wanted to say congrats on getting through a BBQ without giving in, that's very very good, and it shows your sheer determination! Tomorrow will be a better day.
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What do you mean 'can I do this'? You've just done it! All the temptation you resisted today won't always be there, and if you can resist today, you can resist any day!
It is important to keep focussed on what you want, what you're already on the road to. We all have bad days where we struggle. As we do when we're eating. On LT the only thing we're missing is the dangerous and soul destroying crutch we've all developed of comfort food! And it's a false support! Nothing you could have eaten today would have made you feel any better.

You'll know you're properly in ketosis when the headaches (if any) clear, you've more energy and your breath starts to smell like a wet dog. Not pleasant but magical!! My friend is just beginning her third week and is only now starting to believe me about the buzz! Just wait it out babes -you'll feel it soon enough, believe me.


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Well done on avoiding all temptation today. It is hard, I had a party this weekend and found it tough. Have to admit to nibbling a few crisps but never touched anything else but regretted immediately having had them. Just take it a day at a time. I think if we look too far ahead it then seems all too much. you are doing well and hang in there

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