Day 4 and in Ketosis


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Hi All

Day 4 now on LL and good new the Ketosis strips is pink
Really pleased as suffered no side effects yet - mouth is a bit furry though
Just kept steadily dinking water all day ( Wheel effect )
Not been hungry - more bored really
Had to cook kids tea every night and do shopping etc as single parent widower
Obviously not had any booze which out of habit I had bottle of wine at least per night before so thats 4days without booze
At least can drive early in morning now without worry of being over from night before. Never been toi bed so early
Cant wait for week one weigh in
3 Days gone 97 to go to a new me

My challenge to me

100 days - 100lbs - 100% compliance

Cheers everyone and have a great weekend

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Well done James, it should get a little easier now your in ketosis.


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well done!
i'm on day 4 now too - i have a metallic taste so i'm hoping im in keto too
ive got a stop in session this afternoon so am going to find out hopefully then - are you going to one?
daisy x


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Lovely positive post, James (and I recognise myself in it, single parent, wine etc). Love the goal setting - I know you can do it!
Sharon x


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Good going Jim - you sound so motivated, just keep that feeling and you'll be there soon enough.

Louale x


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Well done Jim..keep it up!


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Well done Jim - you've got more good feelings ahead too - first time you notice your trousers are too loose round the waist for one.

Good luck - it's not easy at times but this site helps motivate.


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Well done Jim

Off to a great start there. You are very determined. I'm sure that mental attitude will see you through to your goal.
I have to say I can't warm to your Robot.
Does he do any other type of dancing perhaps? I find him a bit threatening.


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Well done James! And it good to have a goal keeps you more focused! Good Luck :)
Rachiie -ox-


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good on you Jim.

Ketosis does promote a feeling of well being so thats why you feel good. kinda like being oozed with the good slim in ghostbusters 2... i know what a nerd lol