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Day 4 and....

Have you gone through the whole 4 days wih no slip ups? I havent been able to do a full day yet its pathetic! - i want to just get pass the 1st week and in to Kts, n pass the hunger stage! I keep sayin to myself oh ill start again tomorrow!! aaahhhhhh!!!

well done u! xx


is loving CWP xx
Ha ha!! I used to love lego as a kid too. I used to make houses with mine, even with appliences and stuff (how sad)!!!
very impressive lego pete!
it'll be a breeze now you are in ketosis - nice one
daisy x
yup 4 days 100% :)

Sam, promise yourself that you will stick to it tomorrow 100%. Write yourself a short letter saying so if that helps. I always keep a photograph of my "before" picture on me (the one in my sig) and look at it whenever I have a a weaker moment, photographs don't lie and it reminds you of why you decided to do LL in the first place.

Also, are you drinking enough water? Most of the time when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty, the body can't tell the difference between hunger and thirst, and even in days 2-3 when you do get times of being truely hungry, downing a pint of water makes you feel full for long enough to distract yourself with something else.

Put the last few days and slip-ups behind you, and make tomorrow your first perfect day!


Gotta Make A Change
yeah sam i agree with pete, put the lapses behind you, trust me in 3 days you'll be flying through this and you wont regret it promise ya
Thanks Pete, thats a good idea, I may write that letter with reasons why and keep it on me, infact ill do that now. Tomorow is a new day, 100% - is it truw, u actually do not feel hungry when ur in Kts? hope ur day goes well tomorrow :)


Gotta Make A Change
uh huh its most def true you have no hunger prangs when in ketosis :D
Hows everyone doing? Its my first weigh in tonite since I started Monday, I am know its not goin to be great as not stuck to it 100% thisss week, but in the flow of it now and I think I am ok, fingers crossed I can carry on being strong!! - So I am gonna count my really weigh in next week :)
how's it going pete?
daisy x
Fine thanks Daisy, just plodding along with it. Went back to the gym last night and my fitness/strength has really dropped in the time I've been away :( depressing, but I will get there again with hard work!


Gotta Make A Change
Don't worry petE soon enough you'll be back in the grove of things with
and diet :) keep going brah
hmmm, know what you mean - i have abandoned my excercise routine over the last 6 weeks and just can't get back into it. i know when i do go back it will be tough - and i am kicking myself for not keeping things up.
good on you for starting to get back into it
daisy x


is loving CWP xx
I know what you mean about the exercse guys. If I don't go for a week, it feels like I've not been for months. I am trying to keep it up over the xmas period to help with maintenance. Then come new year, back on the packs to get the rest of the weight off.

Well done Pete on getting so far, keep it up x x


Gotta Make A Change
yeah i will be using the gym even in the festive mood :D 45 minutes wont hurt at all :D
at the moment im doing 3-4hours 5 days a week :D but this cold weather really does put a halt to some outside fun and exercise :(
Ken said:
but this cold weather really does put a halt to some outside fun and exercise :(
On the plus side, running keeps you warm! :D

I think that I'm going to slowly ease into the excercise over Xmas together with the starting back on LL, then get back to my previous gym routine come January. I ache like crazy today! lol

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