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day 4- Feeling a bit off sorts


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I did experience the same, my worst day was the fourth also. I just took it very easy, stayed in most of the day. And just tried to keep my mind occupied with something other than food :).

I am sure you will feel a little better tomorrow, so just try stick it out!

Good luck!


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Sorry to hear you are feeling off today but is totally normal to feel this way the first few days.. I felt weak etc on my third day I took some neurofen and drunk lots of water and felt so much better.. Once you get through this I promise it gets easier..
Keep yourself busy, have nice relaxing bubble baths, drink plenty of water and you will get through it..
Chin up its all worth it x
Feeling Out of Sorts

Hi everyone
Am feeling a little off too, but am really confused as I started on CD 10 weeks ago but was only having 2 shakes and a low cal meal in the evening. Lost quite a bit and then hit a wall. Decided to go onto SS two weeks ago but have been experiencing real hunger and weakness. Is this normal? My CDC is away at the moment so would really like some guidance.
Thanks - xx
Hi, I'm on day 4 too and feeling something similar to yourself. I just keep saying to myself that I'll feel a whole lot better in a couple of days - lol... Hopefully. Just battle through the day and you will be so pleased with yourself for doing it!:D
:)Thanks Sally999
I'll do my best. CDC back on Thursday and I haven't been weighed for 3 weeks so hoping all is well and that I've gone over the one and half stone. My scales don't read the same as hers so fingers crossed! xx


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Thanks girls. I feel really sick as im so hungry and it's taking all my effort not to eat something, even an apple would be nice lol. Just had my lasts hake of the day as couldn't hold off any longer, think i'll be in bed at 7pm :banghead:
Hiya mumto4, Wondering where you were? I'm on day 8 now and i've had felt fine then next day starving all the time! Past 2 days seem to have evened out for me and i feel better. Hopefully, that's it settled now. If you're really starving you can take a 4th shake my cdc told me. i did it on saturday. like you, i go to my bed when feeling like this. Take a good book and snuggle up.


needs a real kick in the
mumto4, also on day 4, im in ketosis now, and i cant believe the change, been cooking all day and not even tempted, its your little slogan keeping me going. fingers crossed for you that youll hit ketosis tomorrow. you will start to feel great . claira xxx


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Thanks Claira. Will have to go et myself some ketosis sticks? What are they called lol


needs a real kick in the
i got keto sticks. from boots but they were £10 for loads, im sure you can buy less but i was impatient and couldnt be bothered to look around xx
Sorry to hear you re feeling rough, I am on my forth day today and I felt great from the minute i opened my eyes, so much so that I had my last shake at 7.30 pm, now this past three days I couldn't make it past 5.30. Stick with it we are all different and I am sure you'll start feeling positive soon. Hugs Monica xx


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Hey Mumto4,
I wonder if it's a sure sign that you're almost in ketosis if your SS-ing symptoms get really bad? Yesterday was my 4th day and I felt horrible (really starving, shaky, weak, confused, sick and grumpy) all day until around 10pm. Then out of the blue the hunger just vanishedand I actually collapsed from the relief of not feeling hungry. I slept 10 hours and awoke not hungry at all. I've only just had my second pack of the day and it's almost 9pm. I'm still tired but the rest of my symptoms have completely vanished. I've cooked dinner for my family with no desire to nibble or eat...not even tempted. I bought some Keto Diastix from Boots as well and it turned dark pink this morning.
I'm sure that your Ketosis is on it's way so hang on a few more hours and you'll be past the worst!
Joz xx


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Thats good to hear Joz. Thanks. Hopefully will be fine once i wake up. The smell of hubbys socks is putting me off food lol

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Thinking of you hun, hope you get a good sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow. Pepermint tea really helps. You're detoxing really fast so all sorts of strange things happen. I got 2 periods in 3 weeks, the first due to CD and then my actual totm. Hopefully the weakness will go. Why don't you call your CDC and ask her advice. You might be able to take motilium for the sickness and it may help with the dizziness too.

Hope you're ok. xxx

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