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Strong women stay slim
Hi there , soon be day 5 ... you can do this stay with it


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Hi Nadine, sorry for not replying straight away, sneaking on and off PC whilst at work!. I sneaked a look this morning and I am 8lbs down so I was very inspired but I am realistic and know that this is water etc so by my weigh in on Monday if I have lost 10lbs I will be over the moon.
Headache subsided a bit but the fuzzy mouth means I am not talking to anyone unless I have my hand over my mouth. Mouthwash is my friend at the mo!!!
see you on day 5:)


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Hi - I am on day 4 too. I haven't had anything yet apart from water (well weak tea without milk or sugar) Just about to have a cranberry bar.

I feel a bit headachey and tired today - roll
on ketosis! :cool:


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Hi I'm on day four too:D and mad as it may sound I'm proud of myself already for getting so far:eek:

Sorry your feeling a bit rough:hug99:

I'm not feeling too bad, very cold though and I've got the horrible mouth thing too but I'm useing the listerine strips and they're really helping (they're really strong tasting too so brilliant for putting me off wanting to eat)


Strong women stay slim
yes get excited ! :) your on your way down ! how are you feeling for getting to day 5 ?
Its day 4 for me as well.

Day 2 was a disaster but yesterday and today have been fab. Did a huge ironing last night (I dont iron) and today tackled a big food shop.

I'm really going to try and not weigh till Monday. I've only had one pack so far today so dont think I will have any problems this evening.

Of course the weekend is looming and I always find that tricky. The boys are going to my mums while DH and I go shopping for new carpets. I just know that some sort of lunch/dinner out will be on the agenda for DH. I wonder if I could talk him into taking a packed lunch!