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Okay, so the day started brilliantly. No craving when making my son's breakfast which was a first since starting this.
Picked him up from nursery and he wanted Haribos (my absolute favourite). I tried to steer him to other sweets that i knew wouldn't tempt me as much but nope he wanted the haribos.
Thought to myself "why let him go without" so i bought them for him.

Anyway to cut a long story short my husband had to first hide them from me then literally restrain me as the cravings for those damn haribos became unbearable that i was searching the cupboards for them...just wanted one!!
I think i was actually hyperventilating !!
After about 10mins of debating with the hubby how "one won't hurt" he said to take on if i want it that badly but he would be very disappointed if i did. So i DIDN'T. I had a long soak in the bath instead, followed by a large glass of water then the soup.

OMG i didn't realise how much of a food addict i was till today. The craving was unbearable. Thankfully i've calmed down a bit now. What a day!!
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lmao - sorry hun but I'm exactly the same! My OH has used the "I'd be very disappointed" if I try and wheedle food! Well done for resisting babe - you're well on your way to a great weight loss! xx


Here we go again!
Well done you Tracie. That first week can be very tricky. It's a really good sign that you realise how much of a food addict you were. It really is a sign that you can beat your problem when off LT. You were really strong and got over it. Good for you for resisting.

Keep up the good work, you are doing great. That first week will be over soon and it gets so much easier from hereon in.

Well done again, and keep going!


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Thanks ladies, start of day 5 and feeling positive.


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Hi Tracie
You're not alone there - Day 4 was breaking point for me too, but I promise you it does get so much easier - you'll be so glad at weigh in that you got over it - well done:)
Well done!! I seem to struggle with day four so far keep falling of i'm thinking of asking my husband to tie me up and lock me in a cupboard until day six (not a kitchen one as i'd probably tunnel through with my teeth:8855:)
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Silvermist - Thankyou. knowing it will get better is getting me through. If it wasn't for this forum i really think i would of jacked it in by now.

Shankypants - LOL I know exactly what you mean. But if it's any consolation today was better.
when did you start?
Started again yesterday,it's about my fourth attempt but i think i'm in the right frame of mind now yesterday was easy mind you i think it helps that i had stuck to no carbs the previous week after my last attempt at lipo so maybe i'm having less withdrawels :O)


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S: 14st12.0lb C: 14st12.0lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good for you. Being focused and being in the right frame of mind to do this is the key isn't it.
Make this attempt be your last. we'll keep eachother going

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