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Day 4 - Over half way of the first week!!


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Morning Everyone!

I am feeling a lot brighter today although I think I am coming down with a cold! :mad:

I did a ketostix this morn and its not really any of the colours on the back of the bottle but its definately a shade of pink!! So I am assuming its a positive!
Bring on the fat burners!!! :D

On another note, I stepped on the scales this morning and I am showing a 10lb LOSS!!! I am not getting overly excited as I know all scales are different but I weighed myself on my own scales as soon as I came home from meeting my CDC and my scales were 3lb out to what hers were so my scales may be wrong but I am still taking the 3lb off and its still showing 10lb!!!! :D

Anyway I presume that a lot of that weight is water and empty lbs - meaning i ate so much crap over xmas and new year thats probably just falling off!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!! :D
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Hey Truffle....your doing fab! That first week is just great for motivation, and it looks like you are about to hit ketosis, be prepared to feel great! I have my app today and am so excited...what a great year this will be!! Well done on getting to day 4...it goes quick doesnt it? xx


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It is going pretty quick phoenix which is good as i am quite impatient anyway!! lol

Good luck with your appointment today and be sure to let me knwo how you get on x x


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Morning Truffle, that is sounding like its going to be an excellent first week weight loss.
I am on day 4 as well today but am stuck at home with the kids so it is going to be a challenge today, normally i am so busy at work I dont think of food.


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Wow thats brill especially as your only on day 4 !!

Must give you that little push to keep on going and makes it all worth while :D


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Very good!!! :D

You'll have lost loads in the first week everyone does its a good motivator to keep going!!!

Stay off the week sticks they mean sod all...seriously xx



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well done hun and welcome to day 4, i'm right here with you! :D

We have no scales at home, and i'm not actually sure if i even want to get weighed just yet! Oddly though, my clothes are already starting to feel a bit looser on me which is rewarding.

So dilema....when to weigh in!?!?!?
Cant really do it next weekend either as its DD's birthday and its going to be manic with all the cooking i have to get done for her party!

Can you send me some 10lbs off vibes please too!??!?! lol :D



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Thanks Trace, you will be fine, DD gone back to school today but DH still home and I have just cooked him a breakfast again!!! It smells sooo delicious!!!

Thanks Mrs, I do get a bit obsessive about things I do but I will try and stay away from peeing on sticks lol!

Lizz Im sending you lots of vibes!!! When are you going to get weighed then?? Have you decided?? Are you doing the CD by yourself without a CDC? If you are well done you, I could not do it not knowing I am going to be officially weighed each week!



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not doing it on my own so to speak, but this isnt brand new to me so i dont feel i need the support of the weekly weigh ins like i did at the beginning. I want to get weighed at some point soon....but have no idea when!
I bought a months supply of products so dont NEED to see my CDC, but the scales and curiosity is calling me a little! Just need to tell it to shut up for a bit longer until i can organise a weigh in!

Really need to get one in before next weekend otherwise it will be nearly 3 weeks and even i'm not that patient! lol


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Lol, get yourself down to boots and get weighed!!! x x


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Hi day 4 for me too, but scales haven't moved yet :( even though I've been 100% expect they will catch up at some stage. I've been drinking lots of water and feel a bit bloated, so could be that, but please send me some of your 10lb off vibes too,


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Hey truffle, well done on the weight loss. I'm on day 4 as well, it's gone so quick. I cant wait for Monday as that will be my first WI. I dont want to look at the scales at home just in case I'm disappointed.
I'm over the moon with CD. Take care fellow newbies x


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Aww thanks everyone, you wait now, I will get weighed on Tuesday and still be exactly the same LOL!! My own fault for saying it!! x


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Day 5 for me truffle ! .... Im the same as you and have had a couple of sneaky peeks on the scales ! ... naughty i know! ..
Have a wonderful day 4 !!!!!!! xx


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Well done truffle. Be careful if you think a cold is on the way, I started taking paracetamol caplets (ordinary paracetamol without any coating) at the point of the first symptoms but still got the miserable cold!
I am day 5 and staying off my scales as they are so unreliable, but I know that I am lighter (mind you, I am wrapped up in so many layers at the momment)
Best wishes for your first official weigh-in x


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Well done, I also stepped on the scales and was 10lbs down! Woo hoo!! Have to keep in mind different scales as well but still...!

I think Ketosis has kicked in for me. I no longer feel hungry. In the night I woke at 2am absolutely starving, fell asleep again (eventually) and this morning put off my first shake until just now.

Also feel like a cold is heading my way- thanks to my husband!

Good luck over the weekend!


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Hey Truffle, well done you on 10lbs loss! I lost 10lbs in the first week and then again in the second week, its motivation like no other! Plus after just 2 weeks and 20lbs down of course, people started to notice which is fanatastic!

Keep up the good work hun



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Well done hope and twinkle!! Im not hungry at all but still thinking about eating!!!!

I am getting excited now tho!

Wow 20lbs in 2 weeks is amazing!!!!! Well done you!!! :)