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Day 4 - Still so hungry!!! SORRY TO MOAN!


Wanna Be Skinny
Sorry to hear that but hang in there and you will be fine am on day 6 and am not hungry at all just forcing myself to drink shakes even thou i'm not hungry at all. Good luck hun maybe tomorrow you will feel better
Sorry to hear you are struggling, hang in there and you will get through it. I was on day 4 yesterday and had the worst day of my life, I was soo hungry and all I could think about was food, I also felt really sick all day, but I managed to get through it and today I feel loads better, try and focus on getting through the day rather than all the days ahead of you, think that is working for me xx
It could be that you`re about to hit ketosis, That can be the worst time for some :hug99:

What about adding another shake, Or half of one? Or doing SS+ for a couple of days until you`re in ketosis?

Hope you feel better soon Xx


Losing the mummy fat
I think what sacredsilence said is a good idea, hopefully tomorrow you'll be feeling better xx
Hang in there! im on day 4 and this is how i felt yesterday! today however i feel fab! not even wanted to eat...even after cooking my OHs (and mine) fave dinner and didnt wanna even pick at it.
We will get there :)
Well done :D Xxxx
well done for keeping going and not giving in to temptation! i was exactly like this yesterday, my day 5 after such a good start i wasnt expecting to feel so awful. today i am alot better and have no idea what yesterday was all about! look forward to the next day and im sure it will be better for u too, your doing a fab job, u know u can do this!! and u moan as much as u like, thats what we r all here for hun xxx
Day 5 definitely makes a difference. I started off feeling a bit wobbly in the morning but was fine. Ididn't have my first shake until 12.30-45 ish. And the best thing is on Day 5 i didn't feel any hunger or even the empty feeling I have complained that my heads tell me I have! So not long for another day to be completed for us all. Well done!

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