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Day 4 - Still so hungry!!! SORRY TO MOAN!

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Hi everyone, I've reached day 4 but am still so hungry and today am feeling really weak :sigh: Sorry to come on here and moan all the time, but am feeling really disheartened.....I guess it doesnt help that we've just come back from IKEA where my husband and 2 kids scoffed hot dogs in front of me!!
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Wanna Be Skinny
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Sorry to hear that but hang in there and you will be fine am on day 6 and am not hungry at all just forcing myself to drink shakes even thou i'm not hungry at all. Good luck hun maybe tomorrow you will feel better
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Sorry to hear you are struggling, hang in there and you will get through it. I was on day 4 yesterday and had the worst day of my life, I was soo hungry and all I could think about was food, I also felt really sick all day, but I managed to get through it and today I feel loads better, try and focus on getting through the day rather than all the days ahead of you, think that is working for me xx
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It could be that you`re about to hit ketosis, That can be the worst time for some :hug99:

What about adding another shake, Or half of one? Or doing SS+ for a couple of days until you`re in ketosis?

Hope you feel better soon Xx


Losing the mummy fat
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I think what sacredsilence said is a good idea, hopefully tomorrow you'll be feeling better xx
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I felt the same really tbh. It was day 6 and 7 before I felt better...... hang in there I have lost 9lbs this week it is worth it x
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Hang in there! im on day 4 and this is how i felt yesterday! today however i feel fab! not even wanted to eat...even after cooking my OHs (and mine) fave dinner and didnt wanna even pick at it.
We will get there :)
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Well done :D Xxxx
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well done for keeping going and not giving in to temptation! i was exactly like this yesterday, my day 5 after such a good start i wasnt expecting to feel so awful. today i am alot better and have no idea what yesterday was all about! look forward to the next day and im sure it will be better for u too, your doing a fab job, u know u can do this!! and u moan as much as u like, thats what we r all here for hun xxx


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Day 5 definitely makes a difference. I started off feeling a bit wobbly in the morning but was fine. Ididn't have my first shake until 12.30-45 ish. And the best thing is on Day 5 i didn't feel any hunger or even the empty feeling I have complained that my heads tell me I have! So not long for another day to be completed for us all. Well done!

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