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Day 4. Weigh in tomorrow

So it's day 4....
I was supposed to start last thurs but ended up starting on saturday, hence the early weigh in!! So I doubt I have lost that much, although things already feel a little lighter on me, around the stomach area. So I'm just over 10 n a half stone. I hope to have lost 1lb or 2 at least, I think alot will be water anyway as I have been to the toilet alot. I've also started taking Water retension tablets to help get rid of any.
The first 3 days were the worst and it's still not that easier. Today is fine but I know when it gets to 8pm I will feel it, the hunger and the bordem but I just try to distract myself and it seems to work.
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Good luck with WI Lipsy and keep going!

Drinking more water seems to help my hunger a lot :)
Good luck today hun :) I'd say you probably have the 2 lbs if youve been sticking to the diet. How you doing so far? headaches?

Let us know how you got on :)
Thanks girls.
I'm really feeling the hunger this eve!!
Had my two shakes now I've go my meat on the grill - ok it's to very small slim stakes but I am so sick of chicken already!!! Do you think it will matter? It's not big fat stakes with the fat on or anythin;). I put my skinny jeans on earlier, the ones that stick to me and are annoying to get off, well they are still clingy and I still hang out them :cry: It was then I felt a little angry, thinking I better not be wasting my money & better not have been starving myself for nothing lol!!! I guess thats why I don't weigh myself etc, cause you just get upset if it's not what you expected. Tonight I will do my fitness dvd, not done fitness since I started this diet, maybe it will help me get those jeans on!!! xx
I was wondering the same re: diverting from the "allowed" proteins, i thought all meat was low carb but i am assuming it's the calorie and fat content in other meats (red meats mainly) that have been excluded for that reason? I am also sick of the choices on 810 plan as most of it i don't like but tbh i am just grateful to have my stomach full for a bit lol

Ahh try not to think negative Lipsy, its still early days and just think how happy you'll be when you fit in them comfortably again :)

It's hard staying motivated - i spent the afternoon looking at photo's (fat and thin) which helped. Also, a lot of the weight loss stories and pics on here really inspire me. Try and find something that helps you to stay focused when you're bored/fed up x
Thanks M A, I had my two very small frying stakes, although I gilled them and because they are so slim it was a bit like cardboard :( but... it was a nice change from chicken. I don't mind chicken, when it's in a nice fat roast!! but having it with veg etc on it's own is abit boring, infact I don't even finish it all!! Even the fish options are crap, your not even aloud salmon. Oh well its only a temp thing I guess I just keep picturing me in all these dresses I baught which are nearly 2 sizes too small for me. xx
i know its hard to make a proper "meal" out of the options without carbs :(

But yes, focus on getting into them dresses! x

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