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Day 49 in the CD House....I'm Back!


Hello All,
Well.......It's been a rocky couple of weeks for me, awful pmt with picking and late night calls for help, then huge absess on my tooth which spead along my top teeth (urgh!!:() followed by a football sized tonsil covered in fur (nice:() followed by a 3 day menstrual migraine, followed by a combination of antibiotics which completely knocked me off my feet....but you know what.....
I'm feeling better and I'm back!!!
SSing for the last week and on Fri night I was out with friends for a meal and drinks....and I resisted all temptation...and they all said " my god you look amazing" (it's only 30lbs so far!), then yesterday I was with my friend (who I have been avoiding as it has always been about what/how much we are going to eat!)....and I resisted all temptation...even though she smaked her lips through the biggest portion of fish & chips you have ever seen! and then picked on quality street, sweets, crisps etc!
Not sure if I 'should' have been on SS while taking antibiotics, couldn't find a definate answer, mind you I couldn't have chewed anyway (with the tooth problems!)
I have my weigh-in tomorrow and even if the numbers aren't great I have definately shrunk:).
So anyway for anyone out there stuggling, or who've had a blip (or for any newbees who are wondering 'what if?)....we can do this! These diets are not always easy and sometimes life has a way of throwing obsticles and temptation in your way you can deal with it and continue on to your destination:D
Thanks for reading!!!
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You've had a rough time of it but well done for getting through :D :party0011: and well done for resisting while you were with your friend yesterday!

Sarah xxx
Well done!!! Sorry you have had such a rough time of it. You had everything thrown in your path and still got up and had such will power! You go girl!

Lil K

Addicted to Minimins

You've definitely been through the wars lately by the sound of - glad to see that you are through the other side of it now and moving onwards with gusto!......also more power to you for your strong resolve in the face of your mate chowing down on fish & chips :drool: Ultimately it's all gonna be worth it (in fact every time you get a complimentary remark, it reminds you just how much :))

I agree with your comments about the diet not being easy - I've had a couple of shaky weeks with one thing and another, but I've been having strong words with myself and I can see light at the end of the tunnel now. I'm in a more positive frame of mind and am just going to get on with finishing the job that I chose to start :)

Anyway, well done hun, and keep at it xx


Likes being a girly girl
Wow well done you on resisting like that! What a bloody brilliant amount of will power and determination you have! :worthy:

I'm glad you are starting to feeling better too! (((((hugs)))))


Ah shucks..... thanks guys:gen126: and whoever it was, thanks for the rep point! I know I can't believe it's day 49! I have been holding onto the 'wagon' for dear life (once or twice I fell off it and it ran me over:eek:!!!) however this is the first time in my dieting life that I have got back on.
The sunny days this weekend have been a reminder to me that I AM NOT HAVING ANOTHER FAT SUMMER!
It is amazing how much food I used to eat and being out this weekend, watching my friends eat, it felt like it was going in slow motion especially when the food came to the table and everyone started digging in:eek:
It has been an education cos when I am out I look at the menu to see what I would order in the future and I tell you what, there are some places where I won't be going!
Anyway I don't want to be too sanctamonious (sp?)....I might jinx myself;)

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