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day 5 and feeling great

hi guys, just thought id check in and let u all know that im doing really well. last time round i found it really hard not eating and drinking all this water but this time i feel great. i was dreading it as id heard that second time round its harder.

my hubby is not impressed with my breath again, lol. brought some smints earlier so will be having 1 of them before i kiss him, must be awful to kiss some1 with stinky ketosis breath. (i know ur not meant to have mints but didnt hurt last time)

so im getting weighed on tues and really looking forward to it. last time i lost a stone in my first week, know it wont be any where near that this time as dont have a lot to lose. fingers crossed for 4lbs though.

decided to do LT for between 4 and 6 weeks and then follow refeed to the letter.

hope every1 has a great wkend

x x
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Jenny baby! How the hell are you?!

It's so lovely to hear from you, and hear you're doing well! Oh you've only a little to lose, and the way you lose weight you'll have that off in a couple of weeks!

Haha at stinky breath, great eh. I use little LT approved breath strips called NuPhar. They're great and haven't as yet had one complaint about my breath. Maybe it does stink but people are too polite or scared of me to say anything!

Hope life is great for you sweetie and that extra weight will begone in a couple of weeks!



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Jenny! Welcome back ... didnt realise you was back on for defo though!

Glad youre finding it ok so far :) I felt exactly the same as you on my 2nd time around but then i got to around week 2/3 and started to find it hard but pushed on through and came out a week or so later feeling fantastic again!

How much do you want to lose this time around? Did you put much on between stopping last time and starting again?

Keep it up chicken :) xxx


Recovering Cookie Addict

Long time no see!! Glad you are feeling great back on the plan again. I struggled for a while too after eating but if you persevere it gets you there, and you're doing well so far.

Good luck for your first weigh in, keep in touch hon!!

glad all is going well so far hun.
i can't wait to start now and see them losses x
speak soon x
Hi Jenny so nice to hear from you again. Glad you are doing well. Hubby has been doing LT with me so we both have the stinkybreath problem lol. Good luck for your weigh in. You will have that extra few pounds off in no time x x x
hi skinny betsy! check out how much uve lost since i was last on here. well done chick. hows everything else hun? x x

hey tan, how r u hun? i gained almost a stone but im ok about it. nipping it in the bud before it gets any worse. know where i went wrong so will be doing it right this time. u still maintaining? x x

hi cookeh, how r u? almost under that 200llbs mark.woohoo. still planning on visiting ur friend when u get to goal? x x

hey jo, u ok? when u restarting hun? have u gained or just want the last bit off? kids ok? x x

thx guys, lovely to hear from u all x x
thanks clair. ur doing great hun, keep it up.
x x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
hey tan, how r u hun? i gained almost a stone but im ok about it. nipping it in the bud before it gets any worse. know where i went wrong so will be doing it right this time. u still maintaining? x x
Im great thanks. Having up days and down days with food. Im about 13lbs up from when i finished in november, thought about venturing back to LT but realised if i did i wouldnt actually learn anything as i cant keep going back to TFR if i gain a little.

Hope all goes ok for you, how long are you planning on being on LT this time?
That stone you put on will be gone in no time at all :D xxx
hey tan, glad ur great hun. u look really good on ur pics.

aiming to be on LT for 4 wks. fingers crossed i'll lose my extra stone in that time.

take care hun, chat soon x x

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