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Day 5 and not feeling the best!! :(

Hi everyone,

Just wondered if anyone has any words of wisdom!! I'm on day 5 and had one shake today, I now have stomach pains like the pains you get right before you are sick.. almost feels like i've been winded! Has anyone else suffered with this? I feel I need stodgy food to help this go but i'm determined not to give up!

Thanks guys!
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Awww hun.....have you drank enough water ...? How are you finding the drinks..? I find mine too much at the reccommended mix of water to powder so I always dilute mine with 3/4 of a pint....have an easy day if you can .....xxx
Yea i've drank about 1.5l already today.. so I don't think its that!
I used to get this quite often when eating normally and have never figured out what causes it, its like really bad indigestion but in my tummy aswel :/ i feel like i need to lie down but i'm at work :( might go for a walk on my dinner and see if that helps it at all, can we take renees etc on LT??
I'm finding the drinks ok now, I mix the chocolate one with lots of ice and a touch of water so its creamy which is nice and the vanilla one I have with about 1/2 pint of water with some coffee in.. not a fan of the s.berry ones, the smell puts me off most so I try and drink through a straw if i can!
how you doing today sonkie?


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You could be having first week blues though if you do suffer with tummy pain, it may be best to see your doctor. I make the shakes up to a pint and find that the nicest way to drink them. Plus, I get extra water without trying! Bonus! Plus, remember that your body will try and trick you into eating something, particularly carbs. Hope you feel better soon and stay strong. You will be amazed at how quickly the weight will drop off. All the best. xXx


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If you were getting pains before the diet too.....I would visit the gp......!

I am feeling great today.......love it, though the sun helps


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Thinking about it.....years ago I thought I was suffering indegestion.....and would have pain right under my ribs going through to my back......it turned out to be gallstones....though cant say I had pain in stomach......best to get checked out to be sure.
Hello clare, I cant stand the s berry ones either smell makes me heave. Anyway I felt sick with stomach aches and light headed in the first 5 days then on day 6 I must have hit ketosis because it just stopped I didnt do anything just woke up and felt ok. I wouldnt take anything till you've checked its ok with chemist as they do say anything else would take you out of ketosis. You've nearly done the first week so hopefully the worst bit will be over for you just wait till your first weigh in you'll be that pleased you'll forget all about any aches. Good luck


Doing it exante style :)
I felt ill on day 5 too. although i didnt have any pains, Get to the GP and see whats what cant be too careful eh?
2 more days and you should feel great, like i did lol x

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