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Day 5 and so hungry!!

I did day 5 yesterday and must admit it was the hardest foodwise-mainly due to all those Sunday roasts I could smell and had to prepare for the kids!


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i'm day 6 and still feeling the hunger so you definetly not your own :)
Hi meggyjill,

I hope it passes soon :cry:The only thing keeping me going is looking at everyones weight losses on here and thinking about mine on Wednesday :) If yours is tomorrow, good luck x
Oh, you poor thing! I feel for you. I don't understand it, I haven't really been hungry at all, I've gotten off so lightly. I hope it gets better for you soon...! x


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yes i am looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow aswell and hoping that gives me motivation more. i must admit the hunger isnt as bad as first 3 days but it definetly not gone but i hoping it will :-/ xx


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i am on day 3 and havent been hungry so far. Me and my fiance (who is on this forum) are dieting together and he is starving. I hope i dont start getting hungry in a couple of days!!
hi, im the same i am on day 5 iv been hungry all day i nearly gave in today but i did not because of my kids i need to do this for them thats whats keeping me going xx


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I hope the hunger is gone tomorrow! you're definitely not the only one!! drinking a lot of water really helps! and when you feel hungry try and distract yourself! I read quite a lot in the first few days just to take my mind off it! hopefully in a few days you'll not be hungry at all! you'll probably miss foods and crave them a little, but you'll be able to tell the difference between hunger and cravings soon! stay strong and keep thinking of your goal! :) x

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