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Day 5 Cambridge Diet

Well done, i'm at the same stage as you, i'm normally a real food monster, but as you said it doesn't bother me anymore either, it's great!!
Its a great feeling isnt it?!

Im only on day 6 but starting to feel really good! Ive only had a couple of weak moments, but then I just think ahead to how much slimmer and healthier I will be soon!!!
it's a brill feeling how much r u both hopeing to loose???? xx
you are definitely ast the worst of it hun now its all the way to slim town LOL

lol i can't wait!!!!!

doe's anyone not loose any pounds on the cambridge????? or does everyone loose ?????



just wants to be slim
I think everyone loses, you have to, it's not physiologically possible not to lose coz you're putting far less calories into your body than it needs to survive, even if you laid in bed all day doing nothing. It can be a little up and down though coz your body can hold water sometimes, and hormones can affect you. I've had 2 good weeks but I don't expect a good weigh in this week, through no fault of my own, I just seem to be having a camel week and fingers crossed next week I'll have another good week. They say 1 stone per month and I've done 10lbs in 2 weeks so I'm due a slow week I guess but hopefully will get that other 4lbs off over the next 10 days.


Shut up Ethel
Great isn't it when food doesn't bother you - i just went for 'lunch' with friends, they ate, I didn't, it absolutely didn't bother me in the slightest!
Yay, such a brilliant feeling isn't it! I've got to the point where i forget to have my 3rd shake as I'm not thinking about food!


just wants to be slim
wow you forget to have your shake?! And LizS, get you miss hardcore for watching friends eat.....I wouldn't go that far, I'd go insane, I keep turning down any social events an am turning into hermit!
I've been doing SS for 6 days now - first weigh in tonight!! I'm very nervous about it, but am feeling good about myself and not bloated for a change!!!
You all sound like your about in the same boat as me??

K x

Goal1 - complete first week
Goal2 - stay on SS until I go on holiday 11th July
Goal3 - lose 1 stone
Goal4 - lose 2 stone
Goal5 - lose 3 stone - final goal!
Goal6 - stay thin!!!!
I've got boxing before my weigh in and will drink loads, just hope this doesn't bloat me!
I've been so strict with myself - i even started to peel a satsuma earlier and then threw the whole thing in the bin when i realised i wasn't hungry! i was just bored, so did some gardening.
K x
I'm on SS, have found it ok, not been hungry yet! actually I have only had 3 shakes a day when i'm meant to have 4 coz of my height!
On day 5 here too *well ok 4.5 if you count the coffees last friday before meeting the cdc* :) I am not finding it any where near as hard as I found it last time I tried it! No hunger and getting thru 4.5ltrs of water a day easily. :)

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