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Day 5 - have i eaten too much?!

are u on refeed? im on day 5 refeed tomoro and defo feeling hungryier...:( ...if ur on refeed u shud relli try stick to the sheet ... it scares me u think thats too much haha i feel like i cud eat all that in a few hours haha bad times:p
Haha i meant mousse :p

Yes on day 6 of refeed now, lol just thought it was loads. but it was all healthy things so i suppose that's okay. i am tending to be getting more hungrier though. trying not to eat unless i am actually hungry though otherwise i'll be going back to my old habits.

how are you getting on on refeed hun? x


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I was on LT this time last year (to lose my post pregnancy weight) and I was on it for 12 weeks and I loved it, it was like a de-tox. When I went onto refeed I was fine, found I struggled to eat a meal as I was so full up.

But this time round was totally different and I wonder whether it's because I only did LT this time for 5 weeks cos when I went onto refeed I found I could eat far more and by the end of the week I had eaten far too much, second week wasn't any better.

But I started this week more positive. I'm having a summer fruits LT shake and a banana first thing in the morning and I now find this fills me up until midday.
I don't expect to lose any weight but I want to maintain it now.

How are you finding refeed?
i am finding it okay, but like you say maybe thats because i only did it for about 4/5 weeks. i'm on day 6 now, i am following the sheet like salads, veg, chicken etc. but have been having sugar free jelly too and ryvitas. probs not the best thing etc but thought seein as i can have bread and that it wouldn't hurt!! :)

how long ru refeeding forx


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Well I have some LT maintenance products I ordered in Jan (thought I could lose the weight that way, but no) then I went onto LT, so I'm using them up by having one in the morning, eating fruit throughout the day, I just had a maint bar with a coffee and banana and will have a meal this evening of chili con carne n rice, but every night this week I've had the munchies around 9 pm so have been having a bowl of cereal.

So it's kind of refeed with maintenance BUT the only way I'm gonna take control of this is by exercising, been putting it off but am gonna start going for a run in the mornings:rolleyes:.
how long are ye refeeding for? i decided to do it for 2 weeks jus to keep some control :sigh: but dunno wud i be beter off on my own like... dude those maintenance products fill u like crazy :eek: i know how ye feel im able to eat all of my meals and im so peckish like evenings :cry: but weigh in on sat will be the judge i gess... think im already planning a binge dat:D:D haha
Do girl... crack it open :p we all deserve a treat at the end of this yano :D .... i had weigh in yest... lost a pound on refeed (1week) at least it went down not up eh :cool: so the chemist decided to put me on maintenance for 3 weeks or sumit so this week i have 2 products and 1 meal .... next week i have 1 product 2 meals etc.... duno why but she decided it was the best idea..i like the maintenance products so it cud be worse... ya evenings are deffo the worst watchin t.v spesh wen u know u can init:sigh: i told my chemist i was taken sunday off this diet and haven a binge day ha:p but she kinda said its the same as if u went out saterday night,So crack open the bottle hun and enjoy it .... we jus have to be aware of wat wer eating/drinking and detox for a few days after:D
YUM YUM :jelous: cant bring myself to stray from the refeed menu too far.... the 1st treat i had was cinema last night had sum popcorn and diet coke... im not sure wat im ment to be doing tbh:sigh: im on 2 maintenance products and 1 meal this week... she said to eat normal jus be aware of calories yano... do u think this means i eat watever meal i want (low fat of corse:)) and that i can use things i cudnt in the refeed menu like cheese or ketchup ( in moderation ) ...
i know wat u mean the waters allways the last on the list init.. prefer a diet coke:D hahaha.... ya thats wat im doin now... 2 maintenance 1 meal ... well for this wek anyway haha... lasagne? omg id die for some:p do u make a low cal version? have u been doin much excercise on maintenance ? :)
oright i havent been doind any:rolleyes: bad form i know haha but i got a tredmill today so well see how that goes :) o relli awesome im gunna splash for sum lasagne sum night soon ... ahm generallli not... as much as it kills me:( but if i have low cal meals i have ww yogurt between lunch and dinner and an apple in the evening for tv snaking :D havin a hella blow out this weekend so cant wait to binge then bak strict monday :D so xcited:D


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Yeah I'm sure you can now eat 'normal' things. I've been having 2 maintenance and a good meal in the evening like tuna, jacket and salad or lasagne. Last night I made a stir fry using 2 small jars of Sharwoods stir fry sauces. I also have fruit and I've been snacking on nuts n raisins. I MUST drink more water cos I'm kinda slacking off on the min of 2 litres a day!
Nuts and raisins!!!! have you seen the calories in those? eeeeekkk!

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