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Day 5....having a tough day and struggling...

hi everyone..

im on day 5 SS+, been 100% by having 3 shakes and 1 bar a day as well as lots of water but today im finding it really hard, my toughest day yet :confused: my keto stick says im not in ketosis but i know i should be, tho im not overly concerned as i know they can show a negitive but i am wondering if this is why i feel so hungry and having food thoughts! got a headache today too :(

should i change a shake for a 200 cal meal for today or should i stay as i am?

im so pleased with how well iv done, i dont want to fail :( Any suggestions greatly appreciated xxx
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Sorry to hear you`re struggling x

You can actually have a small 200kcal meal on SS+ so if you would feel better having a small meal, Try one x

I`m not sure exactly what the allowances are as I have no booklets (forgot to ask for them Weds night)

Hope ur soon feeling better Xxx


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you might find having a meal helps but it might make things more difficult for you. I'd make a shake up drink it nice and slowly with plenty of extra water - have a nice relaxing bath and an early night...


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Thats a good idea Setas adding more water to the shake or adding more ice will make it more thicker when you blend it
thank u!! i did indeed have a shake and had a glass of water straight after, taken some headache pills and im now enjoying a CD vegetable hot drink :) and as my family are having their tea, il have a nice bath and watch tv in bed i think, an early night will certainly benefit me! thank u for your support, much appreciated and i hope your having a good time with your journies xxx
Brilliant advice on having the extra shake. I found in the past it really helped when I felt physcially and mentally weak. SL I think if you use the ketostix in the evening they can sometimes not show you are in ketosis due to the water you will have consumed. I understand testing in the morning is most effective. So don't be disappointed and let it derail you if it isn't showing as pink. You are doing so well. don't give up!
If it is your 1st week you should not be having bars until you are in Ketosis really. This will be slowing you down getting into ketosis as they are slightly higher in carbs. Id advise 4 shakes (no bars) until you are well into ketosis. This is probs why you have had a tough time and arent yet in ketosis.

Also the extra shake is OK if you are just having 3 a day but not 4 really.
Your options are 3 a day plus a 200 kcal meal
or 4 a day and 200mls of skimmed milk.

Glad you are feeling better today but may be try and leave the bar out tomorrow if you can. Sorry to be a pain and feel like im putting a dampner on things but Cambridge do not recommed bars in the 1st week. This is probs why. So dont give up perhaps just tweak things a little and tell your consultant how you have found it this week.

Good Luck and remember to drink loads of water, this sounds a bit harsh but you will benefit from it much quicker if you can manage it.
So to answer your origonal question id change the bar for a 200kcal meal, ensuring you measure the portions accurately
or swap the bar for a shake or soup.

Good Luck.x
Thank u so much to everyone who replied to me during my really tough day, i really do appreciate all your help and advice, your all stars!!! i feel much better today and have no idea why yesterday was so tough but that was yesterday, today is a new day and im feeling fine :)

I totally understand CDC advise to not have bars in 1st week but i was finding it too tough when i originally started last week hence why i now have bars which is my 2nd week really but i classed last week as my prep week as it didnt go as planned. having a bar is getting me through this so im happy to continue and if i do find it tough like yesterday again, i will definately follow your advice, i guess im just hoping yesterday was a one off as i have done fine until then :)

iv not checked ketostix today but im sure i am in ketosis. As im sticking to the plan then i see no reason why i shouldnt be :)

I hope everyone is having a great day and thank u again for all your lovely support as always xxx
So glad to hear you`re feeling better :D X

Well done for not giving it!! Xxx


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Hope you are doing well today. I am also on day 6 and feel better today than yesterday. All I did yesterday evening was sleep and feel much improved today.

Keep chugging on the water!!!


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Hi Sarah-Lousie --

Today going any better? I hope so.
It looks like you got some good advice -- and hope it is helping.

hi all,

yes defininately having a better day :) thank u x iv up'd my water today incase that was something to do with it and i checked my keto stix half way between shakes and its purple so i must be doing something right :) hope your all doing fab too xxxx
Well Done, You have to to what works for you. If its that bar gets you through the day stick with it. Well done on getting into ketosis. Hopefully you will have a fab loss. Keep us posted . x
thank u Becky for all your advice and support. i certainly will be back tmrw after my weigh in and will let u all know how iv done :) x


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Good Luck with the weigh in!