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Day 5 - in ketosis but hungry


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Try to keep yourself busy and drink lots of water the hunger will disappear


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Hi Nicola444 --

A few people have been recommending Green Tea. I have been drinking it the past couple of days and it seems to really help.

Hmmm okay will try some green tea tomorrow. Have worked quite late today so that helped to distract and just had my porridge at 10 which is my final sachet. I am not sure if it is even hunger or just an awareness that I have not ate for 5 days that makes me think I am hungry - not sure.


Why Be Normal?
Hi N --

When I did LL our counsellor told us that if you are in ketosis and feel hungry you need to think about what it really is... because if you are in ketosis it can't be physical hunger. I do not know if this is true -- but I did start a "thoughts journal" to write down what I was feeling when I thought I was hungry. It helped.

Thanks Mel - yes, I have been keeping a journal every other day and that does help. Will think about why I am feel the way I feel as it happens but there is a rubbling there just not hunger pang if you know what I mean and it makes me think it is hunger although as I am well into ketosis it cant be.
Well done on getting to day 5 x

I think you can sometimes get a "mental hunger" so if you can distract yourself it will help.

Hope you`re soon feeling better Xxx


is a naughty girl...
It does indeed sound like mental hunger, I call it 'want'. As in food I want rather than need. This diet has taught me the difference :) x

Good luck hun xx


Why Be Normal?
Hi Nicola --

Glad to hear you are hanging in there. Someone on this forum suggested 3 cups of green tea a day... and it seems to be helping me. Gives me a lot of energy.



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The first week or so you can feel really exhausted -don't know about you but whenever i'm really knackered or tired a also "feel" hungry. Your energy will pick up though. The first week weight loss will act as a real pick you up!!
I`m on day 1 today and my tummy has been rumbling so loud at work all morning you could hear it!!

This is just ridiculous as I normally wouldn`t have eaten before work anyway?? :confused: :rolleyes: lol x


Why Be Normal?
@SS -- How embarassing. If I remember correctly you work at school. Are the kids commenting? It'll get better, I promise.

@SS -- How embarassing. If I remember correctly you work at school. Are the kids commenting? It'll get better, I promise.

I just laughed it off ;)

I used to work in a school before I had my youngest, But I now work in Argos during the day and at a Contraception Clinic 2 evenings a week (off there soon!).

It`s really loud again now! Despite me chugging 3 mugs of Green Tea with Mint. I might have a couple of spoons of low fat cottage cheese before I leave to tide me over at work and make sure I take them into account when I make my proper meal when I get home (am doing 810 plan). Will also take my 1L of water with me to work :D

I just find it bizarre that I am a rubbish eater and can often go all day without having anything and I`m usually fine?! lol

Hope today has gone well for you Xx


Why Be Normal?
LOL -- SS... did working at a school inspire you to work at a contraception clinic? I am curious about what it is you do there.

I LOVE Argos -- is it a good place to work?

I hope things got better for you re: the hunger. I find that if I get up and do not eat then my stomach is fine. But once I have something to eat -- it must 'open the gastric acid floodgates', because it'll start a low "feed me" grumble in no time.

I am doing okay -- I think the fun of trying the different UK CD products has been a morale boost. I am going to have a Fruits of Forest shake for breakfast and try a soup either for lunch or dinner.

If my weight loss progresses okay -- I might go up a plan in February and another in March -- but I really want the weight off before April (so, I may have to ss until then -- not sure).

I am planning (not booked,yet) to go to San Antonio, Texas to see my sisters (2 of them live there) and a couple of friends who are posted there now. And when I get there, I want to look like me -- not an inflated version of me. And, of course, I WANT TO SHOP!!! ;)

Keep warm -- I am freezing, but that means the ketosis is in gear.

Haha!! It would be my 4 mini beasts more than working in the school ;)

I work on reception, But we work out of a Drs surgery so it is very "old school" - I have no pc and have to write patient notes out by hand etc etc. Very intense, But I really enjoy it :D

As with the clinic, I LOVE working in Argos!! I was a bit :eek: today as I was put on the till and it`s all completely new to me lol

Re the hunger, I think you hit the nail on the head. I don`t usually eat breakfast and am fine, Whereas this am I had the Maple & Pecan Porridge and I think that set my tummy off lol Doesn`t help that I forgot to take my bottle of water with me :rolleyes:

San Antonio sounds fab and I bet you`re gonna knock em dead when you get there!!! Have a brill time :D Xxx

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