Day 5 on cambridge and feel crap!!!

I started on the cambridge on the 8th Jan and have suffered ever since:cry:.
I feel extreemly moody and i'm starving. I'm having to fight some demonds to resist putting any thing in my mouth:mad::mad:!!! i feel anoyed that i think about quiting in my first week.
Anyone got any advice on how to hold it together and sort these mood swings out:eek:
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hold out!! i have started week two what you have written was exacly me the demons kept telling me about all the food in the fridge that would make me feel better, but tell yourself if you eat it and break the cycle you will not feel better but worse for stopping, i promise you the demons dissappear the starvation stops and you no longer feel hungry and your irritability is replaced by feeling more focused and positive as you have made it through the week.

your first weight in will really moitvate you and keep that image of a slimmer you in your mind or you in that special dress on valentines xx

you can buddy up with me if you like and we can keep each other going
blush xx
Thanks for the support and i would be greatfull to buddie up with someone who is going through th same thing:).

Although i feel so crap and want to give in, the thing that keeps me going is...
I got my Fiancee to take some photo's of me in my underwear:eek: (not saucy pics lol!!:8855:) but more the what the f*** :eek:do i look like pictures which make me so mad and more determined when i look at them as i look so bad and i am very repulsed at myself, that i don't want to eat:mad:... i just need to keep that in my head.:sigh:
So how are you finding the second week, i get weighed on Wed night and looking forward to it.


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This is day seven for me. The first week I was obsessed with food, thinking about it all the time !! Not because I was hungry, just because I knew I couldn't have it and let's face it, if we only ate because we were hungry, we wouldn't be fat would we (def true for me anyway) ?! Try to stick at it. Come on here when you feel like eating, there is always someone around to give you that bit of support.


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week 2 is a lot better, i feel calmer on the new diet. my first weigh in i lost 7lb and it was totm which is meant to slow things down so i was well chuffed. ive measured myself to keep motivated and lost 2 inches off bust and waist.

your brave for the photos, i was going t do the same but was too repulsed by my own image in the mirror let alone show it t hubby!

he says he loves me the way i am but i know secretly he prefers the slimmer 3st lighter me before we got married!

well chat soon and keep going
hi, blush
yeah my man says he loves me too and says i'm not that bad but do need to loose a little. it's not a little it's more like 4 stone!! Belive me i am repulsed at how fat i have got and how bad my body looks..... when he took the photo's it was a real wake up call, especially the picture of me form the back.. i was in shock and just kept saying to him " how can you fancy THAT!!! I have had 4 kids and the youngest is just 5 months so that acounts for my horrid belly, but the rest is due to me enjoying eating..... especially when my mood is low.
I can't stop thinking about food.... i think i'm driving my self MAD!!! Role on week 2 then and hope i feel better.


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Keep going hun, Ketosis will kick in very very soon hun, lots of water, and one that I was told - try fizzy water too, it will fill you up. Go for a walk/write a blog (im writing a blog) have a long bath, anything that will keep you away from food, once the Ketosis kicks in you will feel so much better.

I have to admit I didn't feel quite so hungry in my first few days, but the headaches and just feeling awful made me want to eat just to make it go away, but I'm now on day 9 and it's ok, I don't feel hungry, my energy isn't fantastic, but none the less it's there and I'm feeling ok again.

Good Luck hun, keep chatting on here too x

ps - one last thing, maybe join a team on here if you haven't already? Gives a bit more support and may make you think of everyone else as well as yourself I know it has for me. xx


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First of all well done for even starting CD. Its not an easy thing to do but it does get better I promise you. I'm on day 7.... getting weighed tomorrow. Like you I have felt hungry, moody and have felt like cheating. DON'T. The feelings of hunger will soon disappear and just imagine how good you'll feel when you get weighed and see the scales moving in the right direction.

My best advice to you is to try and keep busy.... I'm thinking with 4 kids you must be pretty busy!! Do anything. Watch old movies, surf the web, anything. I found that having a cuppa with a dash.... and I mean a dash of milk, really helped. It seemed to take the edge off. Whatever you do I'm sure you'll manage to fight those demons. Good luck x


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Stick with it! I'm on day 12 and i found the first week REALLY hard, but i know that i don't feel attractive the way that i look now and as a result do not go anywhere. I'm only thirty two, and i keep on thinking life is too short to eat myself into an early grave. I've lost twelve pounds in twelve days so am very motivated and determined but it isn't easy to begin with. Once ketosis kicks in you won't feel hungry. Baths, reading and even getting involved in a game with your children are all things i did to try and take my mind off food. Be strong.