Day 5 & Stuggling!


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Help! Today is day 5 for me (this is my second time on CD). Did it in 2006 and lost 5 1/2 stone in 22 weeks, so I know it works, just finding it so hard. I SO want to eat, despite the fact that I got on the scales this morning and was down 9lbs! Yep, 9lbs, which is FANTASTIC and I am SO happy about that, but I think thats the problem. I dont feel as bad as I did a week ago and now its tempting to eat and say sod it, im ok, not as bad as I think. But I know thats not true and I know how happy I was 3 stone lighter than this - I NEED to be back there. Help!!!!
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Come on lass you can do it. It's just a bad day. Go to bed and read a book, take your mind off everything. Tomorrow is day 6. Don't ruin it hun, you'll only kick yourself a few weeks down the line when you wish'd you'd stuck at it.
Hey hun, im on day 6 and im struggling today in that all day ive been drained. I had to make breakfast and lunch for 5 people and dinner for one, yet could eat nothing. It was delicious food too.
However, we must remember that we are doing this so that we wake up feeling happy and comfortable, not wondering whether we look bigger in the mirror, or how to avoid seeing people today, or about feeling inadequte.
We both can and will do it. Just drink some water and watch channel 4!xx


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If you go back to eating normally now you will put ALL the weight back on within a few days. The first 10-ish pounds are just your glycogen stores and go back on as quickly as they leave. Why waste your time doing that? Keep going for a month or two and you'll have lost real proper weight.


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Keep going hun - go to bed and sleep off the desire to eat :) tomorrow will be easier



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Stick with it hun and do anything you can to distract yourself, you will feel so chuffed with yourself at weigh in when you step on those scales and it's a good result xx.


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Thanks everyone. xxx I took your advice, logged off and went to bed. Made it! Day 6 has arrived, I just CANT wait for the next three months to be over. Roll on April. Thanks for all your support, keeping my fingers crossed for WI tomorrow, and hoping that I have lost a fair amount in my first week.
Really appreciated all your support
Thanks guys
A xxx


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It does get easier, I promise. Sure, there will always be days when the head hunger thing is really difficult to battle, but on other days, you'll suddenly realise that you forgot to have a shake! That's really weird when that happens, LOL - but it will... :D :D

Well done for sticking with it, hun.

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Good luck for weigh in tomorrow. I'm sure a few more pounds will be gone by then. x


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Hope WI tomorrow will help spur you on


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Hi there just popping in to say well done so far and hope the struggle is subsiding and/or you are managing to fight through it! Think of the fantastic weight loss you will be seeing v soon.

I'm so impressed with you ladies that are doing any vcld diet and I could be converted real soon :D x


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well done you for sticking with it!! and good luck for tomorrows weigh in xx


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well done for sticking with it!
I found my first week really tough, but the WI gave me a massive boost, lost 6lb, and was sooo happy! thats what kept me going, and it will for you too!
hang on in there, its so very worth it!


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Thanks soooooo much everyone for your support. Nearly caved again today, was in the pub with OH drinking water and they (OH + friends) ordered my FAV takeaway and ate in front of me. I had a chicken shish - pitta on way home to celebrate not even taking a bite of one chicken ball... WAS SO TEMPTED though!
Will let you know how I get on tomorrow!
A xx