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Day 5 :-(

Maybe. You might not fully be in ketosis yet as well. Didnt work for me till day 7.

Keep shakin and drinkin your water! You'll get through! Just think, your weigh in isnt too far away. :)
Sorry to hear that you're not feeling so good. I echo what Becki said about making sure you drink plenty of water. Hopefully you will fall into ketosis soon and will feel fine.

Take care x
Sorry to hear you're not feeling great Jane *hugs* I don't think I met ketosis until day 6. I felt pretty rough until then. Keep thinking of the positives of when you do reach ketosis, the improvement is great.

I also find that I need much more quality sleep and feel a tad groggy and blah in the mornings if my sleep wasn't the best, so maybe as you say that's is what is wrong.

As Becki and Strawberry said, keep drinking your water and taking your shakes and think of that weigh in.
Nice one Jane and glad you're feeling better. Maybe it was lack of sleep and feeling blah first thing, and as the day goes on you'll pick up.

Isn't it great to be able to go out and sip water, tea, coffee and not be tempted by all the food around you. It makes me feel all powerful and proud hehe.
It made me feel really good too, wasn't even tempted to pinch a chip, I've everything crossed for a good weigh in on Saturday morning. I think it was due to lack of sleep, just having my second shake now x chocolate with loads of crushed ice...
I wish I had a pound for every chip I've pinched! I'd be soooooooo rich!

Well done on resisting! *fingers crossed* I bet you'll do brilliantly as you've stuck to the plan 100%

Make sure to come and post you loss please!

Chocolate with loads of crushed ice is my favourite, I love it. I'm about to go and cook pasta bolognese, mmmmm the smells of cooking, yummy.
Hey Janelegs,

You seem to be just a bit taller than me with roughly same amount of weight to lose, will be interesting to see how we compare. Im now on day 15 so keep focused & you will get there xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
Hope your feeling better soon!! Ketosis should only be around the corner now xxx
Hi Clare, not much in the height stakes... Have you had 2 weigh in's yet, how much did you lose the first week? x
Hi Janelegs11,

I lost 8 llb over 12 days, although was totm, when I posted I got lots of positive reasons as to why I wasnt half the size!!

Since even then it has only been 3 days since WI, and I know I have definately lost more as quite a few people have noticed, seems to have happened all of a sudden. My uniform is not tight at all when I sit down & am definately feeling thinner....I just think my body went into shock with lack of food lol.

This forum is vital for giving you encouragement & to offer support & get you through the process.

I did LT just over 2 yrs ago & didnt have anyone to talk with re how I was feeling, and to also tell you that EVERYONE is different re the rate at which you lose, so please dont read too much into my own loss. When I have found someone my height they have all lost more than me for whatever reason.

Just keep at it because it works I lost 3 stone before & it took people a lot longer then to realise that I had lost weight as I was able to lose gradually over 7 week period.

Im finding I dont seem to hold water because its the only thing I drink, no hot drinks etc. Suggestions from the forum were that the possibly due to not having loads to lose, the weight wouldnt come off as quickly as others. I eat pretty healthily as well.

I am doing this over 8 week period this time & if hit target weight will stop then.

You know yourself whether it is working I think, its just first few days are a bit bobbins & I understand the need to see the results on the scale.

Thanks Clare, that's a big help, I normally eat really healthy but since having an underactive thyroid no matter what I eat I still seem to put on weigh, people say 'you're tall' so you can't notice it, but I feel it...

I did this briefly before, but without the forum didn't even do it properly, used to do it through the week and eat at weekends....lol

I'll be happy with whatever I lose, but would like to see a nice number
:) I was supposed to be doing a sky dive on Saturday and cannot do it because I'm too heavy, so I want to do that before this year is over, plus there's a lovely black dress that I want to get back into.

This site is brilliant, so many different aspects and queries answered plus loads of moral support x x


I will be skinny again!!!
Really? what weight do you have to be to do a sky dive? xx


Positivity is the key
Hi Jane,
glad you are feeling better this evening. Just think of that weigh in, it will be great. The black dress and the sky dive in the future should be a good motivator to keep you going.
Wishing you all the best.