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Day 6 10lb down and im in the 18s yayyyyy.....

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8lbs is amazing. Go you!!

When I started I had the opposite problem. Just slept ALLLLLLL the time!!


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Thanks hun :) I think when i go into ketosis i find it hard to sleep, might just have one less coffee a day (i normally have 2 cups)
I've always found it hard to sleep but I can sympathise with the stomach growling! I'm on week 3 now and, though I don't feel hungry, my body keeps crying out. It's very embarrassing, in the middle of meetings etc. I do wish it would shut up!
lol Nats 5 cups??? I would be awake till Xmas if i drank that much lol.

I totally agree with you Goodlard, it is very embarrassing when you are out and about and it sounds like there's a monster inside you trying to break free.
I too am on day 4 and am 7lbs down. Lol exact same problem last night. I didn't hear my belly all day, as soon as I got into bed it was squawking and squeaking, rumbling and tumbling all night. I found it so hard. When I closed my eyes it sounded louder lol.

Have been feeling a little hungry today but nothing major.

I am feeling rather proud of myself. 59lbs to go :)
Im now on day 6 and 10lb down :D:D:D:D Soooo im in the 18s finally....i aint seen them in soooooo long am so happy. For once my restart is actually working and i feel like im on track. Gonna treat myself to a bottle of Givenchy Organza one of my fav fragrances.......hope every1 is having a great day today :):):)
I try not to drink any coffee after about 4 o'clock. And a night time one keeps me awake for hours. Though it didn't used to. My CDC suggested I have a chocolate at night hot. Which sounds good for those winter evenings.
Wow...sounds like every1 is in the zone :D:D We will do this cos we have the will power to succeed:)

Think i will have hot choc mints next week defo nice in the winter nights:)

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