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Extra Easy Day 6 and struggling

So I'm just starting my 6th day and I have to say I'm struggling a bit :/

I think the novelty of sw has worn off and I'm sick of trying to find speed foods when all I want is some toast or I just want something quick for tea because one exhausted but I have to start chopping veg...but then I know that quick food is what has made me gain so much weight.

Yesterday I ended up having 16 syns (wine and sausages) so I feel like I need to be extra good today to make up for it. Not sure how many I should allow today?

I really find not hard to measure my wine and just have one glass while my hubby finishes the bottle...I love wine :(

I'm thinking I might plan a hight to have a few glasses instead and save my syns...is that allowed?
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Hi @GabrielOlivia

It's hard to break habits and create new ones isn't it? They say to make something a habit you need to stick with it for 3 weeks for it to start to become automatic. That's what you're doing. You're trying to replace a not so healthy habit with a healthier one and you're only a few days in so don't be too hard on yourself.

Preparation really is the key to SW. There's 2 of us in our household and I mostly try and prepare 4 portions of whatever meal we're having in the evening so lunch is already sorted for us the following day. On the days where I'm just too tired? Well that's where the Iceland ready meals come in so handy, then I'll have a baked potato in our work canteen or a pack of sushi the next day.

Wine is my downfall too, as well as chocolate so I can relate to what you're saying. It's not generally endorsed by SW, although some consultants are all for using syns weekly rather that daily. It doesn't work for everyone and if you're not losing weight doing it that way, it's the first thing you'll be asked to look at. It works well for me, so I can enjoy a full bottle of wine to myself on a Saturday night and allow myself dessert knowing that I find syn free weekdays much more manageable.

Ultimately you've got to enjoy whatever plan you're on or you won't stick to it. Give it the 3 weeks, try a couple of my suggestions and look through the forum for other handy tips and see if it makes it easier for you.

Good luck
Thanks for tips :)

I weighed myself this morning and I've lost only 3lbs. Feel a debit dissapointed. I know its better than a gain, but I've been in reading success stories all week where people are losing 8lbs in first week...so I was hoping for a little more.

I'm starting to doubt I'm doing this right...maybe I'm eating too much carbs or too many syns...maybe I should stay below ten?

Or maybe try sp? Might just see how this next week goes.
3lb is great! I lost 3.5 in my first week everytime I've rejoined but anyway, if you compare yourself to other people you'll always feel disheartened. I know it's easier siad than done, but just try and concentrate on your own journey.

There are multiple reasons why people have such big losses but the 2 main ones I can think of are 1. They have more to lose in the first place 2. Everyone's metabolism works differently.

I wouldn't try SP until you're completely comfortable with Extra Easy - it's more restrictive and could lead to you falling off the wagon altogether.

Please don't be disheartened 3lb really is a good loss and as the saying goes, it didn't go on in one go, so it won't come off in one go

That's absolutely brilliant! Congrats!

Hopefully that will help you keep focus through the moments where doubts creep in, especially on the scales if they don't reflect all your effort!

Hopefully you've continued in the same vein and are reaping the rewards now!
My tip would be... buy all your veg pre chopped and frozen. I am the LAZIEST cook ever - I rely on frozen sliced peppers, onions, med veg, mashed potato, and you can also get sliced mushrooms. If I'm having it as a side, I prefer fresh but for stuff to go in spag bol or other stuff, I go straight for the frozen and can't really tell the difference.
I know its not the same but what about making your glass of wine into a spritzer with diet lemonade or soda water!? It makes it last longer and slowly over time your taste buds will change and adapt to the taste

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