Day 6 (SS and 100%) and starving!

I am Day 6 (100% and SS), but starving!!! Can't stop thinking about food! I feel so hungry. I thought once in ketosis this did not happen. Have drunk 3 litres of water today and can't drink anymore, otherwise I will be sleeping on the toilet!

Anyone else experience this and can I expect to feel like this for the next 11 weeks of SS? AAAHHHH!

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Hopefully the feeling will pass for you! im sure it wont last the next 11 weeks! Stay strong and hopefully tomorrow you'll feel better! xx


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Keep going , i was like you felt really hungry to begin with i am on day 11 and now i don't feel hungry at all, if anything the want to eat is more of a mental craving , not because i am starving !! Give it time !! And you'll get there and it will be worth it .xx


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When I was ss on a vlcd I was hungry a lot of the time. I don't think ketosis works as well as an appetite suppressant for everyone. It may be because I am not all that active so I was actually not fully in ketosis, I'm not too sure. I don't know if you are having milk but if you are make sure you are not overdoing it as that can kick you out of ketosis. It may be that you need to reduce your carbs even more than most to get into ketosis, so maybe no milk at all for a few days? The best of luck with it :)
Thanks All. Lass321, I am not on the skimmed milk option. I think it was because I was bored - usually I would have nipped out and bought loads of rubbish food and ate it for entertainment! Now I need to sit and deal with my boredom in some other way.


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Hey Christy! Keep going! Some times it takes longer for people to go into Ketosis - Some times people have extra glycogen stored in there liver so it takes a bit longer for your body to use it up before it can do into ketosis - nothing to worry about - once you are in ketosis you'll feel much better!

Good luck! xxx

sarah-louise x

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I totally agree with seashore, I did vlcd before and was fine by day 3 or 4 but this time it has taken me much longer, prob a week or so before I could comfortabley say I was ok and not thinking of food constantly!!

Iv settled into a good routine with my shakes and stick to the same times every day and now im on day 11 :) . I too get bored, evenings is my weakest time so i plan in advance what I will be doing and that helps.

I hope your still going strong and that hunger has now passed for you. Dont give up, you will get through it and ul see it all pay off :) Good luck!! Sarah x
Thanks for all the encouragement. Today is Day 10 and I got weighed for the first time. Lost 8lbs, but I thought it would be more - was aiming for 10lbs loss. I know I should not be moaning about it because I would never have lost that amount on WW or SW.

It's also funny how my weight on my CD's scales is about 8lbs higher than the weight on my own bathroom scales. I know clothes can make a difference - but an 8lbs difference? Think I will stick the numbers on my own scales :)

Anyhow - will keep soldiering on.

Good luck everyone


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S: 17st9.7lb C: 14st5.2lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 31.5 Loss: 3st4.5lb(18.77%)
Thats a great loss well done!!

And that does sound like a bery high difference between the two scales!! X
hi, I weigh myself at home 1st thing in the morning. I find there is always a difference between that and someone else's scales. partly the scales and clothes but also because your weight will fluctuate with fluid through the day. like you, I trust my 7am scales :D


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Stick with it. I was the same for the first few days. Food was everywhere I looked. I couldn't turn the TV on without seeing atleast 1 advert for McDonalds or Burger King or worst Marks and Spencers.

It will get easier i promise.