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Day 7 - First weigh in

Hi all,

I hope everyone is well.

I had my first weigh in today.

4lbs :confused::(:sigh:

I thought your first week you lose loads of weight?

ive only lost 4lbs?

and to top it off i have been strict with myself and only stuck to shakes and water.

what am I doing wrong?

I see all these people losing like 7-10lbs in their first week

am so jealous

its a bit disheartning

am i doing something wrong?

the good thing is that my skin seems to be at its best and i feel like i have so much energy.

I am going to stick at it but its very demotivating

I hope everyone is ok.
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I know what you're saying, I would be disappointed with only 4lb off too. BUT you might not have as much to lose as some of the people you're seeing on here with huge losses. You may also lose the weight evenly at 4lb a week rather than a huge loss 1st week slower 2nd week etc.

Just think though, 4lbs a week is 16lbs a month... that's over a stone. I'm sure you've tried other diets in the past, losing a half pound here, 2 lbs there - 4lbs is still a fantastic loss and you will reap the rewards if you just stick at it. Don't give up because if you do how will you feel in a months time when you've put that 4lbs back on and realise that you could have been over a stone lighter?

Keep at it, you're doing fantastic... imagine yourself slimmer and even more gorgeous with your amazing skin, health AND figure! You can do it, it's only a frame of mind!

Lots of good wishes being sent your way :)

Paula x
Ahh thank you Paula, I am going to stick to it. I am going to get into a Topshop size 10/12.

I think I might get back onto the treadmill and do half hour power walking. see how that goes.
Well done, it's a fantastic loss xx


addicted to minimins!!
hey dont worry! you may have not had that much carbs etc the week before starting which makes you have less of a loss...also you could be losing inches rather than weight! dont worry! just stick with it..its going to give you better results than any other diet..we must all remember this when we get a bit disheartened... chin up and well done!! good luck for next week :) xx
All i can sya is well done :) 4lb is better than nothign you should be proud :) x x
Awwww thanks you guys. I feel better already.

will definately start the walking on the treadmill. I have nothing to lose apart from weight.
by the way anybody know what a reputation recomendation is?

I just saw a message flag saying i had a reputation. Slightly confused.


addicted to minimins!!
yup.. you see the green in your details... each time you get a reputation comment that goes up. so people can say something like... great encouragment or great post... you can give it to somebody by clicking that weighing scales in the bottom left hand corner of their post. hope that helps.. x
Well done raring... That is 4lb gone, never to be seen again!!!!

You are doing great hun, and we all get weeks where we don't lose as much as we'd like, but then we make up for it the following week.... Keep smiling through... The worst is over x x x


addicted to minimins!!
thanks raring :) x


Never Ever Give Up!
I know how you feel raringtogo, I've only lost 3 lbs so far and am very disappointed with that too. But hey, evey lbs count doesn't it? :)

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