Day 8.. I feel dreadful..


I want to be slim !!
:( :(

Hello, Todayis day 8 on the cd.. and i feel dreadful,
I went to bedwith a headache last night and ive still got it today,

Ive just managed to get out of bed !

Ive stuck to the diet like glue, Ive had 3 foodpacks per day and the 3 litres of water, But i am now craving food..any food..

According to the scales ive lost 7lb since i started, but im sure the first half a stone is only water.........AM I RIGHT ???

I tried to make "the chocolate bar" last night, but did not like it very much,
Ill stick to muffin making !

Any advice for a down in the dumps lass..?
Aww CJ ((hugs)) it does get easier I promise you!
Im on day 12 or 13 now I forget which one lol
And dont feel hungry although I do crave food esecially if my boyfriend is eating! Its all in the head.
Getting your head to understand its not hungry is a lot harder than telling your belly its not hungry.
Stick at it and you will see the results
remember nothing tastes as good as being slim feels :D
Cheers princess..
I have 3 stone to loose in all, and the thought of been on ss until xmas does nothing for me !!
My cdc says if i miss the add a meal week then the weight will come off quicker..
I really want something to eat..

If you are struggling this much talk to CDC about doing the 790 plan you will still lose at least a stone a month. No one should be suffering. SS is not for everyone.

My CDC also said that but she also said the add a meal week is quite important because
1. Its something to look forward to right?
2. Its healthy to be able to approach food without fear of putting on weight. I think its important to do the add a meal week.

Also over xmas I plan to not miss out on xmas dinner just use that as an add a meal week instead so you can enjoy turkey and veg xmas :D

And as you feel you want to eat something just keep looking forward to the end of week 4 then you can eat something for add a meal. :) thats what im looking forward to!
Just re read your post re AAM. You must do AAM unless doctor has okayed this. Your weight will not come off quicker if you miss it out, in my experience it is the complete opposite.

If you did 790 now until a couple of weeks before Christmas you should still lose 2 to 2.5 stones then move up the plans so Christmas will not put weight on.

Oh im sooo confused... my cdc said its ok to miss AAM, she herself did it, but the advice here says different,

The AAM is an imperative part of the CD plan and can only be missed if your GP agrees. I attended training this week and again this was reinforced to all there.

We comply to all COMA recommendations, and this is one of them, maybe you have misunderstood your CD's advice, have another chat with her.