Day 9 n feeling faint!!!


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AS above, it's my day 9 today n I feel so faint n dizzy, I could even see stars at one point. I had to put over while driving coz I felt like I was goin to pass out! My head felt like it was goin backwards! It's so scary ;-(
So hubby gave me cup of tea with milk n 2 spoonfuls of honey in it! N some chicken breast!
I don't even feel guilty about it coz I felt so weird n it bloody scared me to death!
I think I had a major sugar drop today after 100% over 8days! I think my body is in shock of choc withdrawal!
I am still shaky n feeling faint but it's subsided a bit!
So am gonna take it easy today n start again from morning!
Am gonna stick with protein if I need some more tonight it feel ill again.
Has anyone ever felt like that ever?
Help ;-(
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I did feel like that at one point, I leant over in work to pick something up and when I stood up I was really dizzy and light headed for about an hour after, but I just sat down for a while and drank some water and it passed, It has only ever happened the once though.
I don't blame you for having a cuppa and some food if it scared you, it's better to be safe, but the only thing is now the milk and/or honey may have knocked you out of ketosis which means getting back in all over again! Hope you feel better =] xxx


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Thanks Hun, faint n dizziness have gone now but because I ate yesterday, that has set off my stomach problems again! Arrrrrrr
I remained in slight ketosis though as my stick this mornin was slightly pink so am happy about that!
Spoke to my chemist this mornin coz of the stomach cramps n pains, n am on some strong stomach tabs that needs to b taken with food!!!! Chemist advised me to eat a slice of cheese or a small amount of chicken breasts with them for a few days until it settles down.
So am still on the LT train.


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Had that problem as well, one of those days I forgot to take the LT before a course that started at 830am. By the noon around 1500pm, I stood up to get some water after sitting down the entire day, walked to the cooler, felt faint and suddenly dropped and banged my head against the wall. First time in my life I've fainted!
Anyway my body did adjust itself to the lower sugars. When I was at work yesterday during the rounds, I decided to get the glucose meter and prick my fingers to get the blood and it read 3.2! Usual blood levels of glucose should be around 4-6 but it was obviously low but my body tolerated that somehow anyway..As long as I take my morning dose of LT I find that I'm good to go the entire day despite what I do, and yes its a drag drinking it when I get home because I get lazy to make it again + I don't feel hungry.
That's just my 2 cents.


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That happened to me last week while shopping had to sit down. I felt like I was going to pass out, also felt urges to vomit. I had chicken and as soon as I ate this I was fine x