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Day five and still alive

Whooohooo Day five and I feel great soo glad i listened to you all and stuck to it, didn't think i would get through the dull headache n dizzyness everytime i moved but hey i have emerged though the other side still alive and kicking
Bring on the shakes!!!!
Thanks again for all your support:bliss:
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well done ... it gets easier here on in :)
Wahey! Well done DenaJane, Im one day behind on Day 4 and feeling a but better too...its worth it isnt it? Have you weighed yourself yet? That's what's kept me going, I've lost 5lbs so far, I want to cry with happiness!!!


is loving the soup?!
That's fantastic, you're doing really well...and it's great to hear as well from someone who was doubting it would ever get better!
LOL -I think everyone starts out wondering if its truly worth it -then the hunger disappears and it suddenly appears more do-able. Well done!
I blinking look forward to reaching day 5!!!...only day 3 for me, roll on...
i haven't really felt hungry since day one just the smells make me want to eat it, but not really hungry for it. It was the grotty feeling that was gettin me down but hey you were all right n i feel fine now.
I have weighed myself was gettin quite obsessed with it but my weight was fluctuating throughout the day (Not sure if thats the water of my scales lol) so was gettin happy then disheartened so have made a rule to wait and see what the chemist scales say and have a surprise xx
If you have to weigh yourself at home, only ever do it once per day and make sure you do it in the morning after your first wee and before you have any shakes/drinks x
A great start babe, I'm sure you'll be very happy on WI day.

im gonna try not to weigh myself but my first weigh in is on tue at 5pm so im worried that i will be carryin lots of water an will not be a true reading what do you think???
Well I have always weighed in first thing in the morning before any water or shakes in roughly the same clothes everytime. As long as you weigh at the same time every week you should still see the weight coming off. Don't cut back on the water coz they say, the more you drink the more you shrink, and it would be dangerous to try and get too much water into you afterwards if you do it too quickly as you could overload the kidneys. If I were you, I'd have a shake and plenty of water in the morning (and lots of wees!!!) then just sip water from about 1pm when you are thirsty until WI (make sure you have a last wee!!!!) then have your second shake afterwards. This may not work for you but you'll soon find what does. Whatever you do, do roughly the same each week so you can see your progress.

Good luck.

Last time i used to have nothing at all before WI's on a monday and it nearly killed me every day. Stupid girl.

What Im going to do now is weigh myself on WI mornings, have a shake and some water and then just sip water throughout the day.
Thanks guys think i will do as cuddlefairy suggests and have my shake early im at work before wi so will have my break at bout 11ish so that should do but will see.
thanks for all your advice will keep you informed on tues x
awesome - i can feel ur excitement - and i am excited for u cos u have such an amazing journey ahead of u - stay happy and positive and enjoy your transformation xox
Hi all day two for me, nearly day three woohooo was really hungry today :cry:but didnt let the pangs beat me. Felt brill this am and noticed my skin looked a lot brighter and more elastic. Roll on t
Shelly xx

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