Day four


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I'm on day 4 now and I think Ketosis kicked in yesterday for me. I have a weird taste in my mouth and it says so on the Ketostix but I still feel a little hungry, which I was told I wouldn't so I dunno..

Good Luck!


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I'm on day 7. I think Ketosis kicked in day 4-5 for me. Although I also still feel quite hungry at times and my stomach rumbles very loudly all the time!! I certainly don't feel as bad as I did at the beginning though.


S: 22st11lb
I'd agree with that actually, I don't feel half as bad as I did on day 1! Thought I was going to start chewing on my partner's arm!!!


Just keep swimming!
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Hi Tash,

welcome to LT! Ketosis is helpful in reducing the hunger but I don't think that it ever goes completely away. I find i still get moments when i feel really hungry, but they are much less than when not in ketosis and they pass quite qucikly.

Good luck on your journey



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keep going it will be worth it !, just done my 1st week and weigh in this morning total loss 14lb, that has kept my motivated, good luck !!
kate x


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Death breath!! Thats how you know lol...