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Day four


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Morning girlies. Woke up this morn with a minging taste in my mouth but still with a growling tummy. Had a pint of water and taste gone and hunger has subsided. When ketosis kicks in, does it always make you feel not hungry do you know? Sick of being hungry all the time.

Weighed myself again, and lost another 1lb, so thats 5lbs all in, pleased with that. Roll on Tues for weigh in.

Has anyone got anything planned today? I've a kids 4th bday party at 1, must resist the food and them we go to my mums for tea on a sat and she always does 3 courses and gorgeous food. I have to do with a shake lol :sigh:

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hey mum to four, the hunger should disappear really soon, if not today then tomorrow, i think its a big reason as to why ive been able to stick with this diet for so long because even though i still crave food (although not as much as i did at the beginning!) i never feel hungry which makes it a lot easier, and a lot of the time i am having my shakes/bars later in the day as im not hungry and i actually forget about them, never thought that would happen!!!

Am going shopping today with my sister, i have a wedding in three weeks and am hoping to buy myself something fab to wear having shifted almost 2 1/2 stone.

Have a good time at your mum's tonight, i know it will be hard when they are all eating, but in the morning you will feel great for not having eaten.

Good luck x
Hunger pangs wont go completely when you wake up in the mornings. I wake up hungry with a growling tummy every single morning but I have some water and it goes.

Remember 70% or more of hunger pangs are actually your body looking for water your tummy just feels the same whether its food or water its looking for so it makes sense that your body will still get hunger pangs

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