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  1. Irish Lassie

    Irish Lassie Member

    This sounds like a really silly question to ask but...........

    Does anyone have a day off from their dieting in the week?

    I have a friend who has lost loads and loads of weight but she has a takeaway one night a week..... is this the norm?
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  3. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    I wouldnt recomenned it on CD but i used to when I was on a calorie counting diet ;)
  4. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    as soon as i broke cd and got the taste for food that was it found it soo hard to get back on track :(
  5. sue121

    sue121 always lurkin around!

    hi personally i wouldnt have a day off on cd. im on day 6 of restart and found it really had 2 get back ... i did cd for nearly 5 weeks and lost 19lbs but on my 5th week decided 2 have a day off which turned into 3 weeks and 9lbs that i lost back on:eek: ... i know some people do and just eat protein and salad when they do it but if i do it just makes me want 2 eat more or the 1 day off turns into 2 ... xx
  6. Irish Lassie

    Irish Lassie Member

    Thanks for your help everyone. I know how difficult it is to get past the 1st few days so im deciding against the whole treat idea It would be torture :cry: getting back into Ketosis over and over again each week, It just wouldn't be worth it!
  7. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    thats it Irish, its not worth it, for every treat may add on another day on CD, I just got me head down and dived straight it!
  8. Keeliewheeliebin

    Keeliewheeliebin biker babe!

    believe me you need to stick to the plan! i i hadnt have stopped CD about a year ago i would have been at goal and looking fab. Instead i put back on 4 stone of the 6 i had lost and im having to do it all over again. im kicking myself at my moment(s) of weakness. if i had just kept my head down for those last, short few months i wouldnt have to put myself through all this dieting again! now when i feel like eating i just get the clothes catalogues out and imagine being slim and wearing all those lovely, sexy, stylish new clothes that i cant fit into right now! you have to focus upon your goal....its not so far away! Keep going. youre worth it. xxxx
  9. Irish Lassie

    Irish Lassie Member

    Thanks Keelie! you are right! I might even buy myself a pair of size 12 trousers and keep them as an incentive. Being able to wear what I want is worth giving up any amount of food!

    You are all so helpful thanks for your support and advice :D
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  10. Keeliewheeliebin

    Keeliewheeliebin biker babe!

    youre more than welcome x
  11. Snowbaby

    Snowbaby Wants to shed pounds more

    I came off the wagon for a day and regretted it. I ate a curry as friends were down and I felt too embarressed to admit I was on soups/shakes (I know, I'm a chicken). I didnt have much, but boy did I pay. Locked wind AND bile attacks that left me bloated and knackered as I had NO SLEEP WHATSOEVER!!!!

    Today, I feel tons better and I know I need a day or so to get back into KT but in comparison to the inflated wreck I felt last night - no way !!! LOL :)

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