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Day One Over....Start of Day 2!!

Well day one wasnt half as bad as I expected! Drunk a huge amount of water and it seemed to keep hunger at bay :)!

Had a chocolate shake for breakfast which I really enjoyed. Had the vanilla shake for lunch but I must admit I didnt really like it :cry:, going to stick with it though and add some coffee into it today so see if that makes a difference!

Had the chicken soup for my evening meal which I found absolutely disgusting! Tried adding a bit of pepper but it didnt make any difference so I went to bed having only eaten 3 spoonfuls of it.

Was wondering if the pharmacy would swap them for chocolate shakes??

Anyway, day 1 over and onto day 2....
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Good for you for getting day 1 over with, I'm on day 5 now and it is really going well, the more days the better :)

I'd ring your chemist and ask about a swap, as long as they aren't opened or damaged I should think they woud do it.



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My pharmacy said they would swap me some if I didn't like it. You really need to drink all the shakes for the correct nutrition. I admit the soup is an aquired taste, but I always drink it out of a cup and pretend its just another shake. Hold your nose and down it goes!
Cant wait to get to day 5 to see how im feeling! Im so looking forward to my first weigh in and am so determined to stick to it! Cant believe my own willpower :)!

How are you feeling.....have you been tempted to weigh yourself or can you feel a difference in your clothes?

Will ring the chemist to see what they say, suppose its worth a try?!​
Nenya, you are braver than me!

The taste was awful and I was afraid i'd make myself ill if i continued to eat it!!

Think ill phone the cheminst to see what they say.

Well done on your weight loss, just see your tracker and noticed how much you've lost!!


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:thankyou: its really been easy. I have stopped having soup now the weather is warmer but I must admit the soup is horrid I only had them cos I don't like the choccy one hot and I felt I needed something warming at teatime. Keep at it ;)


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Hi Ceri,
congrats on getting to day 2, ask your chemist to swap, you need to have the right nutrition and won't have if you can't eat them. Hope it all goes well for you, keep drinking the water.
Thankyou!! Will def phone the chemist to see if they'll swap my soup for shakes. Was really hoping i'd like the soup as it would feel like an evening meal!

Never mind, have not been disheartened! The water is keeping me going too :)

I'm feeling really happy in myself too, think im just looking forward to week one WI!!
Mine did swap - and gave me a couple of the flapjacks to 'try' for free !! I think he doesn't sell them - so he doesn't mind giving them away. I really didn't like them, but there are people who do !

Good luck !! Keep focussed !



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Good on you for getting to Day 2. My pharmicist will swap too and I think they will do because how do you know if you like them!

I dont like the vanilla either. I have tried, but I just dont like the taste, so I dont put myself through the torture. I just have strawberry, choc and soup...soup I find ok to be honest, but it is an acquired taste shall we say!!

Try vanilla with coffee, but if you still dont like it, just stick to the two other flavours...no reason why not. I cant remember who it is, but they just have choc, choc and more choc!!! So long as you are having three a day, you are getting your nutrient; main reason for having them really!

Have a great Day 2, and Day 3 is nearly here!!

Take care
Had the vanilla shake with coffee this morning and it wasn't that bad....drinkable shall we say!

Got to admit, i much prefer the chocolate chakes so it could be a case of choc, choc and choc for me too.

Didnt try the strawberry shake but might give it a go next week for a change so I dont get too bored....COME ON DAY 3!!!!!!
ceri you have done really well to get through day to.... bring on day three, then bring on ketosis !!!!

Stay focussed...

Caren. x

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