Day one....... Roll on ketosis


It's day one and so far so good. However I am really hungry, but of course I know that is a side effect until I get into Ketosis. When I did LL it took 3 days, so until I get into Ketosis I will soldier on.

I reckon it will be very early to bed tonight and maybe tomorrow, but it will be so worth it in the end. I see my counsellor tonight after work and I am going to buy some ketostix to test myself at home. Will be spliting my packs too to help. However today and tomorrow I might need an extra half or whole pack to help keep me going, and therefore not fall off the wagon.

Inspire me please everyone :jelous:

Hi today is my first day to on CD but im just thinking about my holiday thats working for me even wheni meet my sister in town and she went to get a Mcdonalds for her self but i was strong and went to boots to get some keo sticks while the b...h stuff her face but i feel really strong at the moment in controll for the first time and its great.....
Hi to you both. Well done for getting through your first day. in the next couple of days you'll start to feel fantastic and the weight will drop off.

I've been doing CD now for 3 weeks and have lost 21 pounds, so the rate in which the weight comes off is amazing and will keep you inspired to carry on!

Good luck on your journey's!
Hi Kitten,

Day one is tough and if you make it through then what is to say you can do a second and a third and before you know it you will be in ketosis and it does get easier.

Have you taken some photos to have to compare to the slimmer you later on?

Alos measurements as the inches come off sometimes faster than the weight:)

Play with your own virtualmodel to help visualize what you will look like with your weight off.

My Virtual Model - Home

Write a list of things you hope to achieve.

Join The Mad March Challenge.

They are just some ideas to keep you going.

Love Mini xxx