Day one tomorrow


is Magdalicious
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Day one is easy! It's the day 2 and 3 I struggled with. Just stick to it. Drink lots of water and keep busy. Oh and have painkillers handy as you're gonna get a headache for sure!
Good luck hun xx

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I agree with magiclove. Day 2-3 is difficult and everytime I start I get a headache. Busy day followed by an early to bed day if you're feeling tempted! X


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I'll be on day one tomorrow too! So excited! Day two is always the worst for me, so plenty of paracetamol, and the thought of getting into size 10 bridesmaid dress in august, good luck!!!


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I'm on day 5 and I managed to get away with it - no headache! Must be cos I've been drinking buckets of water, have had to run to the loo every 10 minutes as I've turned into the human colander, Its a great spectator sport for my colleagues in meetings :eek::eek::eek:
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My advise is do lots during the day, have a long soak in the evening and early to bed! Best of luck it'll all be worth it at that first weigh in.
Thanks guys. I think the early to bed advice I'd great as I'm starting to get hungry now and thoughts about food creeping in. Got two packs still to go tonight. I'm gna stay strong!